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uk /hænd/ us /hænd/

hand noun (BODY PART)

A1 [ C ] the part of the body at the end of the arm that is used for holding, moving, touching, and feeling things:

All their toys are made by hand.
I delivered her invitation by hand (= not using the postal service).
informal Get your hands off (= stop touching) my bike!
He can fix anything - he's so good with his hands.
You have to hold my hand when we cross the road.
They walked by, holding hands.
Hold your fork in your left hand and your knife in your right hand.
She sat, pen in hand (= with a pen in her hand), searching for the right words.
They can't keep their hands off each other - they never stop kissing and cuddling.
"Congratulations!" she said and shook me by the hand/shook my hand/shook hands with me.
She took me by the hand and led me into the cave.
a hand towel

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handverb [ T ]

uk /hænd/ us /hænd/

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“hand” in American English

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us /hænd/

hand noun (BODY PART)

[ C ] the part of the body at the end of the arm that includes the fingers and is used for holding, moving, touching, and feeling things:

Keep both hands on the steering wheel.
When eating, most Americans hold the fork in their right hand.
He took my hand (= held it with his hand) as we walked along.

hand noun (CLOCK)

[ C ] one of the two long narrow parts on a clock or watch that move to show the time:

the hour/minute hand

hand noun (CARDS)

[ C ] the set of cards that a player is given in a game:

hand noun (HELP)

[ C usually sing ] help with doing something:

Can I give you a hand with those bags?

hand noun (WORKER)

[ C ] a person who does physical work, esp. as one of a team or group:

a farm hand

hand noun (CLAPPING)

[ C usually sing ] a period of clapping to show enjoyment of a performance:

Let’s give this band a big hand.

handverb [ T ]

us /hænd/

hand verb [ T ] (PUT INTO HAND)

to put something from your hand into someone else’s hand:

Would you please hand me a pencil?

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“hand” in Business English

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uk /hænd/ us

[ C ] WORKPLACE someone employed to do physical work:

a factory/farm hand
hand in hand

always happening or being done together:

go hand in hand (with sth) Taking too much risk often goes hand in hand with another big mistake - putting all your money into one project.

working closely with someone:

I see myself working hand in hand with him on this.
at hand


Help is at hand for owners of small and growing businesses.

being worked on or dealt with at the present time:

He would use his team members' particular experiences and talents to help him attack the problem at hand.
by hand

made or done using your hands rather than a machine:

She entered the information into a computer by hand.

delivered by a person, rather than sent in the mail:

It had been delivered by hand and there was no post mark.
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get your hands on sb/sth

informal to find or get someone or something you want:

She would have to wait days for funds to clear before she could get her hands on the money.
good with your hands

able to make or do things well with your hands:

Martin was good with his hands and worked for a time repairing piers at a marina.
in hand

already available or being done:

Plans for the restructuring are already in hand.
in the hands of sb

being dealt with or looked after by a particular person or group of people:

leave/put sth in the hands of sb The document is important because it puts the decisions in the hands of management.

controlled or owned by a particular person or group of people:

be/lie/rest in the hands of sb The company's future is firmly in the hands of its creditors.
The post office in this country is still in the hands of the state.
on hand

available and ready to help or be used if necessary:

They said he had $7.5 million cash on hand.
be on hand to do sth A team of experts is on hand to answer individual problems or questions.
out of your hands

no longer able to be controlled by you, or no longer your responsibility:

The decision over his future had been taken out of his hands by management.
put your hand in your pocket UK

to give money to someone or to a charity:

People are more likely to put their hands in their pockets if they know it's for a good cause.
the job/matter in hand

the job or subject that is important at the present time:

He is a consummate professional, very focused on the job in hand.
to hand UK

near and able to be used:

Rosco always kept large amounts of cash to hand.

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