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haulverb [ T ]

uk /hɔːl/ us /hɑːl/

C2 to pull something heavy slowly and with difficulty:

They hauled the boat out of the water.
She hauled herself up into the tree.

to take something or someone somewhere, especially by force:

FBI agents hauled away boxes of records.
The police hauled him off to jail in front of his whole family.

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Phrasal verb(s)

haulnoun [ C ]

uk /hɔːl/ us /hɑːl/

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haulverb [ T ]

us /hɔl/

haul verb [ T ] (MOVE)

to pull something heavy or transport something over long distances:

They use these trucks to haul freight.

A person who is hauled somewhere is forced to go there:

She was arrested, fingerprinted, and hauled before a judge.
If you even mention my name in public, I’ll haul you right into court!


us /hɔl/

haul noun (DISTANCE)

[ C usually sing ] a distance over which something is transported:

short-haul flights
It’s a long haul to Minnesota.

haul noun (AMOUNT)

[ C ] an amount of something that was obtained illegally, esp. after it has been taken by the authorities:

Police say it is the largest haul of stolen art in years.

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“haul” in Business English

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haulverb [ T ]

uk /hɔːl/ us

TRANSPORT to transport goods over a long distance by truck, train, or ship:

In 2006, shippers on the Great Lakes hauled 110 million tons of cargo.

informal also haul up to make someone go to a person in authority to answer questions about something they have done:

haul sb (up) before/in front of sb/sth The EU gave the government two months to come up with a good case or be hauled up before the European Court of Justice.
haul sb over the coals informal US also rake sb over the coals

to criticize someone severely for something they have done:

Top ministers were hauled over the coals by the select committee for failing to disclose vital information in the inquiry.

haulnoun [ C ]

uk /hɔːl/ us

a large amount of something that is illegal or has been stolen:

It was one of the biggest drugs hauls police have seen in recent years.
a haul of sth They uncovered a haul of arms and ammunition at the suspect's address.

a large amount of fish caught at one time:

Fishermen have complained of poor hauls all year.

a distance travelled carrying goods:

short/long haul The railroads say they can't make money off short hauls if they don't also get income from the long trips.

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