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uk /hɑːt/ us /hɑːrt/

heart noun (EMOTIONS)

B1 [ C or U ] used to refer to a person's character, or the place within a person where feelings or emotions are considered to come from:

She has a good heart (= she is a kind person).
I love you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart (= very sincerely).
I love you with all my heart (= very much).
He said he'd never marry but he had a change of heart (= his feelings changed) when he met her.
Homelessness is a subject very close/dear to her heart (= is very important to her and she has strong feelings about it).
He broke her heart (= made her very sad) when he left her for another woman.
It breaks my heart (= makes me feel very sad) to see him so unhappy.
They say he died of a broken heart (= because he was so sad).
old-fashioned It does my heart good (= makes me very happy) to see those children so happy.
His heart leaped (= he suddenly felt very excited and happy) when the phone rang.

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heart noun (CENTRAL PART)

B1 [ S ] the central or most important part:

The demonstrators will march through the heart of the capital.
A disagreement about boundaries is at the heart of the dispute.
Let's get to the heart of the matter.

[ C ] the firm central part of a vegetable, especially one with a lot of leaves:

artichoke hearts
the heart of a lettuce

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heart noun (COURAGE)

C2 [ U ] courage, determination, or hope:

You're doing really well - don't lose heart now.
Take heart - things can only get better.

heart noun (CARDS)


[ plural or U ] one of the four suits in playing cards, represented by a red heart shape:

the seven/ace of hearts

[ C ] a playing card from the suit of hearts:

In this game, a heart beats a club.

heartverb [ T ]

uk /hɑːt/ us /hɑːrt/

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us /hɑrt/

heart noun (ORGAN)

[ C ] the organ inside the chest that sends the blood around the body:

heart disease
The paramedics took his pulse to see if his heart was still beating.

heart noun (EMOTIONS)

[ C/U ] the center of a person’s emotions, or the general character of someone:

[ C ] He has a good/kind heart (= is a kind and generous person).
[ C ] Our hearts were broken (= We were very sad) at the news of the accident.
[ C ] Homelessness is a subject close/near to her heart (= is important to her and is a subject she feels strongly about).
[ U ] In his heart (= According to his true feelings), he knew she was right.
She can be abrupt with people at times, but at heart (= basically) she’s a good person.

heart noun (CENTER)

[ C/U ] the central or most important part:

[ C usually sing ] Protestors marched through the heart of the city.

[ C/U ] The heart of a vegetable, esp. a leafy one, is its firm, central part:

heart noun (SHAPE)

[ C ] a shape used to represent the heart, esp. as a symbol of love

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