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UK US honor uk /ˈɒn.ər/ us /ˈɑː.nɚ/

honour noun (RESPECT)

B2 [ U ] a quality that combines respect, being proud, and honesty:

a man of honour
We fought for the honour of our country.
in honour of sb/sth

B2 in order to celebrate or show great respect for someone or something:

a banquet in honour of the president
be/feel honour bound to do sth also be/feel honour-bound to do sth

to feel you must do something because it is morally right, even if you do not want to do it:

I felt honour bound to tell him the truth.
do sb the honour of doing sth formal

to make someone proud and happy by doing or being something:

Would you do me the honour of accompanying me to the New Year Ball?
Your/His/Her Honour formal

the way to address or refer to a judge:

Yes, Your Honour.
The case was dealt with by Her Honour Judge Kirkham.

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honour noun (REWARD)

[ C ] a reward, prize, or title that publicly expresses admiration or respect:

She received an honour for her services to the community.
He was buried with full military honours (= with a special celebration to show respect).
with honours

If you complete a school or university qualification with honours, you achieve a high standard.

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honourverb [ T ]

UK US honor uk /ˈɒn.ər/ us /ˈɑː.nɚ/

honour verb [ T ] (RESPECT)

C1 to show great respect for someone or something, especially in public:

He was honoured for his bravery.
formal We are honoured (= proud and happy) to have you here tonight.
I would be honoured to meet him.

To honour a promise or agreement is to do what you said you would:

They decided not to honour an existing order for aircraft.

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honourverb [ T ]

UK US honor uk /ˈɒnər/ us

to do what you promised or agreed to do:

honour an agreement/contract/deal All existing contracts will be honoured.
honour a commitment/pledge/promise

to allow a cheque, ticket, etc. to be used:

The bank was contractually obliged to honour the cheque even when this put the account into the red.

to pay money owed:

to honour a claim/debt


UK US honor uk /ˈɒnər/ us

[ U ] respect that people have for a person or an organization:

The world's top investment banks are competing for the honour and income that comes from winning these contracts.
a badge of honour A high credit rating is a badge of honour for the treasuries of developed economies.

[ C ] a reward, prize, or title that expresses admiration or respect:

be awarded/receive an honour
a great/high/huge honour She has been awarded one of the highest honors in business and technology by the US government.
honours [ plural ] abbreviation hons, also Hons UK

a level of university qualification that is a higher standard than the basic level:

an honours degree
to graduate with honours
Your Honour UK US Your Honor

formal LAW the title of respect used when speaking to a judge:

"I object, Your Honour", he said.
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