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"instruction" in American English

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 us   /ɪnˈstrʌk·ʃən/
  • instruction noun (TEACHING)

[U] the ​act of ​teaching someone how to do something: The ​course gives you ​basic instruction in ​carmaintenance and ​repairs.
  • instruction noun (ORDER)

[C usually pl] an ​order to do something, esp. a ​formalorder: [+ to infinitive] The ​generalreceived instructions to ​return to the ​base.
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"instruction" in British English

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uk   us   /ɪnˈstrʌk.ʃən/
  • instruction noun (ORDER)

C2 [C usually plural] something that someone ​tells you to do: The ​police who ​broke into the ​house were only ​acting on/under instructions. [+ to infinitive] He gave me ​strict instructions to get there by eight o'clock.

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  • instruction noun (TEACHING)

instructions [plural] A2 advice and ​information about how to do or use something, often written in a ​book or on the ​side of a ​container: The ​cooking instructions say to ​bake it for ​half an ​hour. You ​obviously didn't ​read the instructions ​properly. They need ​clear instructions on what to do next.C2 [U] the ​teaching of a ​particularskill or ​subject: The ​videoprovides instruction on how to ​operate the ​computer. The ​course gives you basic instruction incarmaintenance. Have you ​seen the instruction manual for the ​washingmachine?
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"instruction" in Business English

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uk   us   /ɪnˈstrʌkʃən/
instructions [plural] written ​advice and ​information about how to do or use something: Please read the instructions carefully. Follow the instructions given below to ​activate your ​card.clear/detailed/step-by-step instructions The furniture comes with detailed instructions about how to ​assemble it.assembly/installation instructions The first ​step is ​following the ​installation instructions as well as the on-screen ​requests from the ​program.
[C, usually plural] something that someone tells you to do: It was a confusing instruction, and I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do. give sb instructions on sth My ​boss gave me instructions on what to say to the ​press.give sb instructions to do sth She gave me instructions not to ​contact the ​customer directly. to issue/receive instructions clear/​firm/strict instructions act on/carry out/follow (sb's) instructions The ​sharesallow him to ​force the ​board to ​carry out his instructions.disregard/ignore (sb's) instructions I ignored the instructions I had been given and went ​ahead with the ​deal anyway.
[C] IT a ​piece of ​information that tells a ​computer how to do something: Simple ​computerprocessors execute instructions one after the other.
[U] the ​act of teaching something: instruction in/on sth You will receive instruction on how to ​operate the ​system.
an instruction manual/book a ​book that gives ​advice and ​information about how to do or use something: Be sure to read your instruction ​manual and ​follow the ​recommendations for ​safeoperation.
be under instructions if someone is under instructions to do something, they have been told to do it: She was under instructions to ​report back to ​headoffice every day.
on the instruction(s) of sb if you do something on the instruction(s) of someone, you do it because they have told you to: On the instructions of her ​solicitor, she ​refused to give a ​statement.
under instruction being taught something: The ​trainee learns by ​carrying out ​realworktasks under instruction from a more ​experiencedcolleague.
(Definition of instruction from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
Translations of “instruction”
in Arabic تَعْليمات…
in Korean 지시…
in Portuguese instrução…
in Catalan ordre, instrucció…
in Japanese 指示…
in Chinese (Simplified) 命令, 指示,命令,吩咐…
in Turkish talimat direktif, emir, öğretim…
in Russian инструкция, указание, обучение…
in Chinese (Traditional) 命令, 指示,命令,吩咐…
in Italian istruzione…
in Polish instrukcja, wskazówka, polecenie…
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