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uk /ˌɪn.trəˈdʌk.ʃən/ us /ˌɪn.trəˈdʌk.ʃən/

introduction noun (PUT INTO USE)

B2 [ U ] an occasion when something is put into use or brought to a place for the first time:

The introduction of new working practices has dramatically improved productivity.
Within a year of its introduction, questions began to emerge about the safety of the drug.
specialized The introduction of the tube into the artery is a very delicate procedure.

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introduction noun (GIVING SB'S NAME)

B2 [ C or U ] the action of telling someone another person's name the first time that they meet:

You'll have to do/make the introductions - I don't know everyone's name.
My next guest needs no introduction (= is already known to everyone).

introduction noun (BEGINNING)

B2 [ C ] the first part of something:

Have you read the introduction to the third edition?
The song's great, but the introduction's a bit too long.

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“introduction” in American English

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us /ˌɪn·trəˈdʌk·ʃən/

introduction noun (SPEECH)

literature [ C ] a short speech or piece of writing that comes before a longer speech or written text, usually giving basic information about what is to follow:

The author’s introduction explains the organization of the book.

introduction noun (FORMAL MEETING)

[ C ] the act of formally presenting someone to a group:

Let me do the introductions (= introduce everyone to each other).

introduction noun (FIRST USE)

[ U ] the act of putting something into use for the first time, or of putting something into a new place:

The introduction of express buses is scheduled for July.

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“introduction” in Business English

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uk /ˌɪntrəˈdʌkʃən/ us

[ U ] COMMERCE, MARKETING the act of making goods or services available to be bought for the first time:

the introduction of sth to sth The company has announced the introduction of a new games console to the market.

[ C ] COMMERCE, MARKETING a product or service that is made available for the first time:

She has successfully enhanced the financial stability of the company through product introductions.

[ U ] the bringing in of something such as a new system, rule, or method:

the introduction of sth Problems at the company have been caused by the introduction of a new computer system.
These procedures now only take a few seconds to complete thanks to the introduction of £30m of new technology.
She campaigned for the introduction of a national minimum wage.

[ C or U ] the act of introducing one person to another:

Our next guest speaker needs little introduction.
Shall I do the introductions?

[ C ] the first part of something such as a book or report:

introduction to sth In the introduction to the book I used data from the Performance Measurement Association.

LAW a situation in which a new law is formally suggested to be discussed and voted on by a parliament:

The first step in Parliamentary procedure is the introduction and first reading of the bill.

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