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jobnoun [C]

 us   /dʒɑb/

job noun [C] (EMPLOYMENT)

the ​regularwork that a ​person does to ​earnmoney: a ​full-time/​part-time/​permanent/​temporary job to get/​quit a job The new ​supermarket will ​create 50 new jobs in the ​area. She’s ​applied for a job with an ​insurancecompany. How ​long have you been out of a job (= ​unemployed)?on the job If you do something on the job, you do it while at ​work: He ​keepsfallingasleep on the job. The ​companyprovides on-the-job ​training (= ​training while you ​work).

job noun [C] (PIECE OF WORK)

a ​particularpiece of ​work: I should have this job done by ​lunchtime. A ​microwaveoven makes the job of ​preparingmeals a lot ​easier. infml A job can be ​work done on or to something to ​improve or ​repair it: a ​paint job If you do a good/​bad job, you do a ​piece of ​work of that ​quality: Jamie did a ​wonderful job on that ​salespresentation.

job noun [C] (DUTY)

a ​responsibility or duty: [+ to infinitive] I ​know it’s not my job to ​tell you how to ​runyourlife, but I do ​think you’ve made a ​mistake.

job noun [C] (CRIME)

slang a ​crime in which ​money or ​goods are ​stolen: a ​bank job an inside job (= a ​crimecommitted by someone who ​works for the ​company it was ​committed against)
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uk   /dʒɒb/  us   /dʒɑːb/

job noun (EMPLOYMENT)

A1 [C] the ​regularwork that a ​person does to ​earnmoney: a ​temporary/​permanent job When she ​leftcollege, she got a job as an ​editor in a ​publishingcompany. It's very ​difficulttrying to ​bring up two ​children while doing a ​full-time job. He's never ​managed to hold down (= ​keep) a steady (= ​permanent) job. She's applied for a job with an ​insurancecompany. Are you going to give upyour job when you have ​yourbaby? After a ​disastrous first ​month in ​office, many ​people are ​beginning to ​wonder if the new ​president is up to (= ​able to do) the job. Hundreds of ​workers could losetheir jobs.out of a job C2 without a job: How ​long have you been out of a job?
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job noun (PIECE OF WORK)

A2 [C] a ​particularpiece of ​work: The ​builders are ​aiming to get the job done by the end of the ​month. He ​spent the ​afternoon doing jobs around the ​house.informal Will you be ​able to ​carry all the ​shopping back ​home on ​yourbike, or will it have to be a ​car job (= will you need the ​car)?
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B2 [S] something that is ​yourresponsibility: [+ to infinitive] She ​believed her job as a ​politician was torepresent the ​views of her ​party and the ​people who ​voted for her. I ​know it's not my job totell you how to ​runyourlife, but I do ​think you've made a ​mistake.
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job noun (PROBLEM)

[S] informal a ​problem or an ​activity that is ​difficult: [+ -ing verb] It was a ​real job getting the ​wheel off the ​bike. We were only given an ​hour for the ​exam, and I had a job ​finishing it.

job noun (EXAMPLE)

[C] informal an ​example of a ​particulartype: It's an ​original, not one of those ​imitation jobs.

job noun (CRIME)

[C] slang a ​crime in which ​money or ​goods are ​stolen, or an ​action or ​activity that is ​dishonest or ​unpleasant: He was put in ​prison for five ​years for doing a bank job.US He really did a job on her, ​telling her that he would always ​love her and then ​moving to Fiji with someone ​else.
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jobnoun [C]

uk   us   /dʒɒb/
the ​regularwork that someone does to ​earnmoney: a job with sth She ​applied for a job with an ​advertisingagency. Many ​peoplefound themselves out of a job as a consequence of the ​globalrecession. have/get/take a job apply for/​look for/​find a jobcreate/cut/shed jobs The ​government is ​creating new job ​opportunities for mothers ​returning to the ​workplace. leave/​quit/​lose a job a ​paid/​unpaid/well-paid job The ​deputy Chairman has been ​appointed to the top job. first/new job a full-time/​part-time job a permanent/​temporary/​steady job a Saturday/​weekend job
a particular ​piece of ​work or ​task that ​needs to be done or ​achieved: the job of doing sth The job of redesigning the ​offices went to the ​lowestbidder. The ​company continues to ​send many of its ​accounting and ​computer jobs to India. Larger ​firms enjoy ​economies of ​scale, which ​means they can do the jobcheaper. Staff are ​currentlypaid by the job regardless of the ​time it ​takes.
a ​responsibility that someone or something has: It's not my job to ​deal with staff's ​personal problems. The assembly's main job is to ​draft a ​constitution.
IT a ​task which is done by a ​computerprogram: a print job
do a good/bad/better, etc. job of sth (also make a good/bad/better, etc. job of sth) to do something well, badly, better, etc.: We need to do a better job of ​marketing the ​product.
don't give up the day job informal humorous used for telling someone that they will never be ​successful with something they are ​trying to do and should ​keep doing their ​real job instead
jobs for the boys UK disapproving work that someone in a ​position of ​power gives to friends or ​relations: Labour ​sharply criticized the board's ​appointment of the ​formertrademinister as an ​example of jobs for the boys.
it's more than my job's worth UK used for telling someone that you cannot do something because you would ​lose your job if someone discovered you had done it: It's more than my job's ​worth to ​let you into the ​building after ​hours.
on the job where someone ​works and while they do their job: Sixteen coal ​miners died on the job last ​year.
walk off the job US to ​stopworking and ​refuse to continue doing your job until your ​employeragrees to what you want: Union ​members threatened to ​walk off the job unless their ​employeragreed to ​stophiringwork out to ​contractors.

jobverb [I]

uk   us   /dʒɒb/
to do ​work for different ​people without being ​employed by them permanently: job about/around/for After drama school, he ​spent eight ​years jobbing about from show to show.
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“job” in Business English

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