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loveverb [ T ]

uk /lʌv/ us /lʌv/

love verb [ T ] (LIKE SOMEONE)

A1 to like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them, or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family:

I love you.
Last night he told me he loved me.
I've only ever loved one man.
I'm sure he loves his kids.

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love verb [ T ] (LIKE SOMETHING)

A1 to like something very much:

She loves animals.
He really loves his job.
[ + -ing verb ] I love skiing.
Love it or hate it, reality TV is here to stay.
would love

A2 used, often in requests, to say that you would very much like something:

I'd love a cup of coffee if you're making one.
[ + to infinitive ] She would dearly love to start her own business.
UK I'd love you to come to dinner next week.
US I'd love for you to come to dinner next week.

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uk /lʌv/ us /lʌv/

love noun (LIKING SOMEONE)

B1 [ U ] the feeling of liking another adult very much and being romantically and sexually attracted to them, or strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family:

"I've been seeing him over a year now." "Is it love?"
Children need to be shown lots of love.
"I'm seeing Laura next week." "Oh, please give her my love" (= tell her I am thinking about her with affection).
Maggie asked me to send her love to you and the kids (= tell you that she is thinking about you with affection).
informal How's your love life (= your romantic and/or sexual relationships) these days?

B1 [ C ] a person that you love and feel attracted to:

He was the love of my life.
She was my first love.

[ as form of address ] UK informal used as a friendly form of address:

You look tired, love.
That'll be four pounds exactly, love.

A2 [ U ] informal also love from, all my love used before your name at the end of letters, cards, etc. to friends or family:

See you at Christmas. Love, Kate.
be in love

B1 to love someone in a romantic and sexual way:

I'm in love for the first time and it's wonderful.
They're still madly in love (with each other).
fall in love (with sb)

B1 to start to love someone romantically and sexually:

I was 20 when I first fell in love.

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us /lʌv/

love verb (LIKE SOMEONE)

[ T ] to have a strong affection for someone, which can be combined with a strong romantic attraction:

Susan loved her brother dearly.
"I love you and want to marry you, Emily," he said.

love verb (LIKE SOMETHING)

to like something very much:

[ + to infinitive ] We’d love to own our own home.


us /lʌv/

love noun (LIKING SOMEONE)

fall in love

If you fall in love you begin to love someone:

She’s fallen in love and made plans to marry.

[ U ] You can write love/love from/all my love/lots of love before your name at the end of letters to family and friends.

in love

A person who is in love is experiencing a romantic attraction for another person:

I think he's in love with Anna.

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They love the countries to which they went, but they are also allowed to love their countries of origin; nobody feels threatened by this dual love.
Tough love does work.
The message from genuine manufacturers who love the herbal sector is clear: they need basic regulations which reward quality producers and give consumers the standards they deserve.
I am talking about love.
In these cases, situations unfortunately often occur that correspond to the cycle of love, hate and the desire for revenge of one or both of the parents.
After working for so long and, at last, getting a pension, many would love to be useful throughout the world, especially to developing countries.
In the social field, as in other fields, such as those we have just been talking about, declarations of love are not enough; we also need demonstrations of love.
Your determination has been equalled only by the love you have for your very beautiful city and your determination to consolidate and raise its international profile.
In conclusion, let us never forget that no childcare services, however good they may be, can replace parental love and affection.
We are dealing with an ideal that we would all love to see: a shorter working week, more money, less taxation, more leisure time.

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