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lumpnoun [ C ]

uk /lʌmp/ us /lʌmp/

lump noun [ C ] (PIECE)

C2 a piece of a solid substance, usually with no particular shape:

a lump of coal
a sugar lump
You don't want lumps in the sauce.

UK informal a separate large amount:

I'll be getting the insurance money in two lumps.

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lump noun [ C ] (PERSON)

informal a heavy, awkward, stupid person:

Come on, you great lump - get up from that sofa and do some work!


uk /lʌmp/ us /lʌmp/ informal

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“lump” in American English

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lumpnoun [ C ]

us /lʌmp/

a solid mass without a regular shape:

The gravy had lumps of flour in it.

A lump is also a swelling under the skin:

She found a lump under her arm.
adjective us /ˈlʌm·pi/

a lumpy pillow

lumpverb [ T ]

us /lʌmp/

to consider or deal with as a group:

Children of various abilities are lumped together in one class.

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“lump” in Business English

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uk /lʌmp/ us

[ C ] FINANCE →  lump sum :

in a lump You have to pay your tax in two lumps the following year.

[ S ] UK informal also the lump TAX a situation in which building workers say that they are self-employed in order to avoid paying tax, even though they are directly employed:

The tax authorities are working hard to clamp down on the lump.
take the/your lumps US informal

to experience problems without complaining:

As a trader, sometimes you've just got to take your lumps.

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