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“machinery” in British English

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machinerynoun [ U ]

uk /məˈʃiː.nər.i/ us /məˈʃiː.nɚ.i/

machinery noun [ U ] (MACHINES)

C1 a group of large machines or the parts of a machine that make it work:

industrial/farm machinery
His hand was injured when he got it caught in the machinery.

More examples

  • The tunnel was dug with the aid of heavy machinery.
  • The machinery company was a front operation for arms smuggling.
  • The noise of the machinery made her voice inaudible.
  • Nuts and bolts are used to hold pieces of machinery together.
  • Do you know how to run this sort of machinery?

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“machinery” in American English

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machinerynoun [ U ]

us /məˈʃi·nər·i/

a group of machines, or the movable parts of a machine:

farm machinery
Some of the older machinery breaks down frequently.

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“machinery” in Business English

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machinerynoun [ U ]

uk /məˈʃiːnəri/ us

PRODUCTION a group of large machines or large machines in general:

agricultural/industrial/farm, etc. machinery They use modern farm machinery, such as combine harvesters.
The workshops are fitted with modern plant machinery.
drive/operate/use machinery If you feel tired, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery.
What happens if the machinery breaks down?
machinery goes/runs/works They keep the machinery working all night.
machinery manufacturer/supplier The site is owned by a textile machinery manufacturer.
Loose clothing may get caught in the machinery.

the structure and systems of an organization or process:

The Prime Minister made major changes to the machinery of government.
the bureaucratic/political/decision-making machinery

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