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marketnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈmɑː.kɪt/ us /ˈmɑːr.kɪt/

market noun [ C ] (BUYING AND SELLING)

C1 the people who might want to buy something, or a part of the world where something is sold:

Are you sure there's a market for the product?
We estimate the potential market for the new phones to be around one million people in this country alone.
The domestic market is still depressed, but demand abroad is picking up.
They've increased their share of the market by ten percent over the past year.

C2 the business or trade in a particular product, including financial products:

the coffee market
the economic market
the commodities market
the stock market
the job market
the housing market
in the market for sth

interested in buying something:

Thanks for the offer, but I'm not in the market for another car right now.
on the market

available for sale:

We put our house on the market as soon as house prices started to rise.
This is one of the best televisions on the market.
The pictures would sell for half a million on the open market (= if offered for sale without a fixed price).

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market noun [ C ] (PLACE)

A2 a place or event at which people meet in order to buy and sell things:

Fruit and vegetables are much fresher from/at the market than in the supermarket.
She runs a stall at the farmer's market.
The flower market is a big tourist attraction.
a craft market
Visit the area on market day for a glimpse of the real Paris.
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marketverb [ T ]

uk /ˈmɑː.kɪt/ us /ˈmɑːr.kɪt/
noun [ C ] uk /ˈmɑː.kɪ.tər/ us /ˈmɑːr.kə.t̬ɚ/

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marketnoun [ C ]

us /ˈmɑr·kɪt/

market noun [ C ] (AREA)

an open area, building, or event at which people gather to buy and sell goods or food

market noun [ C ] (DEMAND)

the demand for products or services:

Are you sure there’s a market for something like this?

A market is also an area or particular group that goods can be sold to:

the teenage/adult market
domestic/foreign markets

A market is also the business or trade in a particular type of goods or services:

the job/housing market

marketverb [ T ]

us /ˈmɑr·kɪt/

market verb [ T ] (ADVERTISE)

to advertise and offer goods for sale:

It’s a product that will sell if we can find the right way to market it.

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“market” in Business English

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uk /ˈmɑːkɪt/ us

[ C ] ECONOMICS, COMMERCE the business or activity of buying and selling a particular product or service:

the car/coffee/telecoms, etc. market The telecoms market is evolving rapidly.
the market in/for sth The battle for control of the London Stock Exchange aims to create a truly global market in shares.
We need to increase our share of the market.
Difficult market conditions contributed to a 9% decline in first-half profits.
the US/local/world market The company claims to hold half of the US market by volume.
to break into/capture/enter the market

[ C ] COMMERCE a part of the world where something is or might be sold, or a particular group of people who buy or might buy something:

The emerging market where we see perhaps our strongest opportunity is China.
create/find/open up a market The consoles are sold at the lowest possible price to create a market for profitable games.
break into/enter/penetrate a market They've wanted to break into the market in Asia for some time.
develop/expand/pursue markets We give the highest importance to expanding markets for existing products.
a changing/growing/expanding market Time-share companies have adapted their sales packages to a changing market.
the corporate/teenage/youth market

[ C ] COMMERCE demand for a product or service, or the number of possible buyers for it:

a market for sth Is there still a market for fax machines since the advent of email?
the domestic/global/world market The domestic market is still depressed.
a big/large/growing market The subsidies created a big market for wind-turbine manufacturers in Europe.
the market

[ S ] ECONOMICS an economic system in which prices, salaries, employment, etc. are decided by how much people want and will pay for goods and services:

His policy on pricing was to let the market decide.

[ C ] also financial market, also stock market STOCK MARKET, FINANCE the activity of buying and selling shares, bonds, commodities (= products that can be traded), currencies, etc., or a place where this is done:

Some investors gain unfair advantage by changing orders after markets have closed.
If the market rises by 20% over the year, it means that the firm's income rises automatically by the same amount.
Asian markets made strong gains overnight.
on a/the market On the Chicago market, a bushel of wheat fell to 262.50 cents from 271.75 cents.
trading on foreign markets

[ C ] COMMERCE a place or event at which people meet in order to buy and sell things:

a covered/an outdoor/a street market
a market stall/trader

[ C ] US COMMERCE a store that sells mainly food:

Can you stop at the market to buy some milk?
be first, etc. to market

COMMERCE to be first, etc. to have a product ready for sale:

For some companies, being first to market is often more important than having the best product.
bring, get, etc. sth to market

COMMERCE to arrive at the point where a product is ready to be sold:

If all goes well, the company hopes to bring the product to market in about two years.
come/go to (the) market

COMMERCE to offer a new product for sale for the first time, or to be offered for sale for the first time:

The big food processing company tests ingredients like cooking oil before they go to market.

STOCK MARKET to begin selling shares, etc. on a stock exchange, or to begin to be sold on a stock exchange:

The company came to market in July, hitting a closing peak of 247p this week.
We expect the company to be valued at about £80m when the shares come to market on May 22.
corner the market (in/on sth)

COMMERCE to be more successful than any other company at selling a particular type of product:

They have cornered the market in cheap flights.
get to market

COMMERCE if a product gets to market, it is ready to be sold:

Better drugs can always get to market, ensuring patients access to the best medicine.
in the market for sth

interested in buying something:

Consumers in the market for a new car may turn to more fuel-efficient options.
make a market

STOCK MARKET to deal in shares, bonds, etc. (= buy and sell them for others), so that buyers do not have to find sellers directly:

Most of the main dealing banks will make markets only with real investors, not traders.
on/onto the market

COMMERCE available to be bought:

They put their house on the market, but it hasn't sold.
This is the best mortgage rate available on the market at the present time.
The number of properties coming onto the market also remained little changed.
play the market

FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to risk money buying and selling shares, etc.:

He had an instinct for finance, subscribed to the Wall Street Journal, and played the market.
price yourself/sb/sth out of the market

COMMERCE to charge so much for a product or service that nobody wants or is able to buy it:

There are concerns that London is pricing itself out of the market as a European business base.
Sharp rises in house prices in recent years are increasingly pricing many people out of the market.

marketverb [ T ]

uk /ˈmɑːkɪt/ us MARKETING, COMMERCE

to offer products for sale to buyers:

The two companies have formed a partnership to jointly market the range of drugs.

to encourage people to buy more of a particular product, for example by advertising:

market sth as sth Food marketed as lower fat has been proved to lull us into a false sense of security.
market sth to sb The tobacco companies say they do not market their products to children.
The company has to modernize how it markets its chocolate, taking into account parent concerns about obesity and high-sugar snacks.

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