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uk /ˈmeʒ.ər/ us /ˈmeʒ.ɚ/

measure verb (SIZE)

B2 [ T ] to discover the exact size or amount of something:

"Will the table fit in here?" "I don't know - let's measure it."
This machine measures your heart rate.
He measured the flour into the bowl.

[ L only + noun ] to be a particular size:

The area, measuring/which measures five kilometres by three kilometres, has been purchased by the army.
The screen measures 34 inches diagonally.

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uk /ˈmeʒ.ər/ us /ˈmeʒ.ɚ/

measure noun (SIZE)

[ C or U ] a unit used for stating the size, weight, etc. of something, or a way of measuring:

weights and measures
The sample's density is a measure of its purity.

C2 [ C or U ] formal amount:

There was a large measure of agreement between the candidates.
His success was in some measure due to his being in the right place at the right time.

C2 [ C ] an exact amount, especially of alcohol:

One unit of alcohol is equal to half a pint of beer or a standard measure of spirits.

[ C ] US a bar noun

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measure noun (WAY OF JUDGING)

C2 [ C ] a way of judging something:

Record sales are not always a measure of a singer's popularity.
We have no accurate measure of the damage.

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us /ˈmeʒ·ər/

measure verb (SIZE)

to discover the exact size, amount, etc., of something, or to be of a particular size:

[ T ] "Will the table fit in here?" "I don’t know – I’ll measure it."
[ L ] The sofa measures (= is of the size of) 3 feet by 7 feet.

Phrasal verb(s)


us /ˈmeʒ·ər/

measure noun (METHOD)

[ C ] a way to achieve something; a method:

Medicare was a measure intended to guarantee health care for everyone over the age of 65.

measure noun (SIZE)

[ C/U ] a way of measuring, or a way of showing how much or how great something is:

[ C ] a system of weights and measures
[ U ] It is a measure of his popularity that he got over 70% of the vote.

[ C/U ] Measure can also mean amount or degree:

[ U ] There was a large measure of luck in his quick promotion to company vice president.

music [ C/U ] A measure is also one of the small equal parts into which a piece of music is divided, containing a fixed number of beats; a bar.

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uk /ˈmeʒər/ us

[ I or T ] to discover the exact size or amount of something:

Next, we need to measure the temperature of the mixture.
This machine measures the patient's heart rate.
measure sth in sth November was a record number for sales when measured in dollars.

[ T ] to be of a particular size:

The office measures 12 metres by 6 metres.

[ T ] to judge the quality, effect, importance, or value of something:

It is difficult to measure the success of the advertising campaign at this early stage.
Managers have changed the way they measure performance.


uk /ˈmeʒər/ us

[ C, usually plural ] a way of achieving something, or a method for dealing with a situation:

These measures were designed to improve car safety.
We will introduce measures to reduce noise levels in the factory.
The company will need to take further measures to cut costs.
austerity/cost-cutting measures It had taken a series of cost-cutting measures, including closing one of its two plants.
drastic/draconian/radical measures

[ C ] MEASURES a unit used for giving the size, weight, etc. of something:

weights and measures
The standard measure of efficiency in the airline industry is 'cost per passenger mile'.

[ C or U ] an amount or level of something:

There was a large measure of agreement between the two sides in the negotiation.

[ C ] a way of judging something:

Record sales are not always a measure of a singer's popularity.
get a measure of sth It is difficult to get an accurate measure of employee performance in this industry.
a good/true/reliable measure Exports as a percentage of total sales are a good measure of international competitiveness.
for good measure

if something is given or done for good measure, it is given or done in addition to other things:

They're offering a good salary, with a company car thrown in for good measure.
have the measure of sb/sth

to understand what someone or something is like and to know how to deal with them:

The other team were experienced negotiators, but we had the measure of them.

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Our point of departure is that the most important measure for reducing the risks associated with drug dependence is that of preventing dependence itself.
Are the opponents of this measure, the defenders of zero-tolerance convinced so little by their arguments that they are coming to fear a simple evaluation?
The fear that small entrepreneurs may be harmed by the measure would be solved by means of the establishment of a minimum threshold or a minimum insurance.
In our opinion, we need to set up an ad hoc fund, a measure which could even be temporary for implementing recovery plans.
The necessary measure to combat these diseases would lead to an overall lifting of the quality of life for some of the world's poorest people.
Then there is the storage of communications traffic data, an example of a measure that leads only to false security, if ever there was one.
We will challenge these reforms for millions of employees and we will oppose a simple measure, an increase in employer contributions.
The establishment of the ‘legal requirement’ to deposit the master copy is a further welcome measure in preserving people’s collective memory and identity.
Unfortunately, the fact is that people who at present come from other countries become, in large measure, unemployed, and that is something we naturally should do something about.
Such a measure is urgently needed.