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uk /mes/ us /mes/


B1 [ S or U ] Something or someone that is a mess, or is in a mess, looks dirty or untidy:

He makes a terrible mess when he's cooking.
UK Jem's house is always in a mess.
Go and clean up that mess in the kitchen.
UK Freddy can't stand mess.
mainly UK I look a mess - I can't go out like this!
My hair's such a mess today!

[ C ] an animal's solid waste:

Fido left another mess on the carpet.

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mess noun (PROBLEMS)

B2 [ S ] a situation that is full of problems:

She said that her life was a mess.
I got myself into a mess by telling a lie.
The company's finances are in a mess.

[ S ] a person whose life is full of problems they cannot deal with:

After the divorce he was a real mess and started drinking too much.
make a mess of sth also mess sth up

to do something badly or spoil something:

I made a real mess of my final exams.

mess noun (ROOM)

[ C ] US also mess hall a room or building in which members of the armed forces have their meals or spend their free time:

The captain was having breakfast in the mess hall.
They spent their evenings in the officers' mess, drinking and playing cards.

[ C ] Indian English a large public room where people have their meals


uk /mes/ us /mes/

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us /mes/

mess noun (DISORDER)

[ C usually sing ] a condition of disorder and confusion, or something in that condition:

They left the kitchen a mess.
We sat in traffic for two hours while they cleaned up the mess from the accident.

[ C usually sing ] A mess is also a dirty condition:

The puppy’s made a mess on the dining room rug.

[ C usually sing ] A mess is also a situation that is full of problems and difficulties:

Traffic was a mess.

mess noun (ROOM)

[ C ] also mess hall, /ˈmes·hɔl/ a room or building in which members of the military eat their meals:

the officers’ mess
verb [ I/T ] us /mes/


[ I/T ] Don’t mess up my hair – I just combed it.

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