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monopolynoun [ C or S ]

uk /məˈnɒp.əl.i/ us /məˈnɑː.pəl.i/

C2 (an organization or group that has) complete control of something, especially an area of business, so that others have no share:

Is Microsoft a monopoly?
The drafting of a new constitution cannot be a monopoly of the white minority regime (= other people should do it too).
He does not have a/the monopoly on (= he is not the only one who has) good looks.

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adjective uk /məˌnɒp.əlˈɪs.tɪk/ us /məˌnɑː.pəlˈɪs.tɪk/ usually disapproving

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monopolynoun [ C ]

us /məˈnɑp·ə·li/

social studies complete control of the supply of particular goods or services, or a company or group that has such control:

The Postal Service is guaranteed a monopoly on all first-class letters.
fig. California has no monopoly on strangeness (= is not the only strange place).
adjective us /məˌnɑp·əˈlɪs·tɪk/

a monopolistic system

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uk /məˈnɒpəli/ us plural monopolies

[ C or U ] ECONOMICS a situation in which one company or person or a government has no competition in the sale of a particular product or service and is able to control its supply and price:

business/corporate/government monopolies He argues that farm subsidies help keep agricultural land away from corporate monopolies.
a monopoly of sth Each firm has a monopoly of goods that tend to be used together.
a monopoly in/on sth A decision by the Supreme Court struck down the state's monopoly on radio and television stations.

[ C ] ECONOMICS a company, person, etc. that is the only one supplying a particular product or service:

The Justice Department is suing the company because they claim that it used unfair tactics to become a monopoly.

[ C ] something that is controlled by one person or group and not shared by others:

The network is a monopoly of the state telephone company.

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