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uk /ˈmuːv.mənt/ us /ˈmuːv.mənt/

movement noun (POSITION CHANGE)

B2 [ C or U ] a change of position:

He made a sudden movement and frightened the bird away.
For a long time after the accident, he had no movement in (= was unable to move) his legs.
Her movements were somewhat clumsy.
sb's movements

what someone is doing during a particular period:

I don't know his movements this week.

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movement noun (CHANGE OPINION)

[ C or U ] a situation in which people change their opinion or the way that they live or work:

There has been a movement towards more women going back to work while their children are still young.
Recently there has been some movement away from traditional methods of teaching.

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“movement” in American English

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us /ˈmuv·mənt/

movement noun (CHANGE OF CONDITIONS)

[ C/U ] the act or process of changing a situation or event, or of changing the way something happens or is done:

[ C ] There has been a movement toward smaller families.

movement noun (ACTION)

[ C ] a group of people with a particular set of aims:

The women’s movement works for better job opportunities for women.

movement noun (CHANGE OF POSITION)

[ C/U ] a change of position or place:

[ U ] Fire doors should be kept closed to prevent the movement of fire from one area to another.

movement noun (CHANGE OF BODY PLACE)

[ C/U ] a change in the place or position of your body or a part of your body:

[ C ] the movements of the dancers
[ U ] There was no movement in his legs.

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“movement” in Business English

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uk /ˈmuːvmənt/ us

[ C ] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET a change in a number, price, etc. for example on a financial market:

movements in sth Short-term movements in currency are difficult to predict.
This stock market report discusses the latest trends and reasons behind share price movements.

[ C ] POLITICS an organized group of people who work together to achieve or oppose something:

She's been in the environmental movement for 35 years.
the labour/labor/(trade) union movement
the civil-rights/women's movement

[ C or U ] TRANSPORT the process of moving or being transported from one place to another:

the company's movement of jobs abroad
We want to remove restrictions on trade and movements of capital.
Under European law product safety takes precedence over freedom of movement for the product.

[ S ] the process of changing from one particular system, activity, etc. to another:

a movement to/towards/from sth The movement toward free trade lies at the heart of globalization.

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