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uk /ˈnætʃ.ər.əl/ us /ˈnætʃ.ɚ.əl/

natural adjective (NOT ARTIFICIAL)

B1 as found in nature and not involving anything made or done by people:

a natural substance
People say that breast-feeding is better than bottle-feeding because it's more natural.
He died from natural causes (= because he was old or ill).
Floods and earthquakes are natural disasters.

C1 A natural ability or characteristic is one that you were born with:

natural beauty
a natural talent for sports
She's a natural blonde (= her real hair colour is blonde).

Natural food or drink is pure and has no chemical substances added to it and is therefore thought to be healthy:

natural mineral water
natural ingredients
sb's natural mother/father/parent

a parent who caused someone to be born, although possibly not their legal parent or the parent who raised them

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natural adjective (EXPECTED)

B2 normal or expected:

Of course you're upset - it's only natural.
It's natural that you should feel anxious when you first leave home.
It's quite natural to experience a few doubts just before you get married.

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naturalnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈnætʃ.ər.əl/ us /ˈnætʃ.ɚ.əl/ informal

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us /ˈnætʃ·ər·əl/

natural adjective (NOT ARTIFICIAL)

from nature; not artificial or involving anything made or caused by people:

Cotton is a natural fiber.
He died of natural causes (= because he was old or ill).
Floods and earthquakes are natural disasters.

If food or drink is described as natural, it means it has no artificial chemical substances added to it.

natural adjective (BORN WITH)

having an ability or characteristic because you were born with it:

a natural athlete
a natural blonde

natural adjective (EXPECTED)

to be expected; usual:

a natural reaction
[ + to infinitive ] It’s only natural to be upset when your dog dies.

natural adjective (MUSIC)

music /ˈnætʃ·ər·əl/ [ not gradable ] (of written music) having no sharp or flat:

a B natural
a natural scale

naturalnoun [ C ]

us /ˈnætʃ·ər·əl/

natural noun [ C ] (MUSIC)

music /ˈnætʃ·ər·əl/ a mark in written music that shows that a note should return to its original pitch

natural noun [ C ] (PERSON BORN WITH)

infml a person born with the characteristics or abilities needed for doing something:

She won’t have any trouble learning to ride a horse – she’s a natural.

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“natural” in Business English

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uk /ˈnætʃərəl/ us

as found in nature, and not involving anything made or done by people:

natural flavourings/foods/ingredients Over 50% of all cosmetics products in the Chinese market are advertised as consisting of natural ingredients.
They are implementing a major economic recovery programme after the country's worst-ever natural disaster.

normal or expected:

Having seen the value of their shares collapse, it was only natural for shareholders to complain.
For the customer, the natural choice is a repayment mortgage, not an endowment.

used to describe an ability or a characteristic that someone was born with:

He was a natural leader.

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