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uk /ˌnev.ə.ðəˈles/ us /ˌnev.ɚ.ðəˈles/ also nonetheless

B2 despite what has just been said or referred to:

I knew a lot about the subject already, but her talk was interesting nevertheless.

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neverthelessadverb [ not gradable ]

us /ˌnev·ər·ðəˈles/ also nonetheless

despite what has just been said or referred to:

Their team hadn’t lost a game the entire season. Nevertheless, we beat them by a huge margin last night.

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Nevertheless, it considers that the main aim of this fund should be to support the beneficiary countries' water policy, which should be based on democratic management and fair distribution.
Nevertheless, this practice still continues.
Nevertheless we expect it will arrive.
I believe, nevertheless, that the delivery of this support should be expeditious, not encumbered by bureaucracy, and that direct assistance to national consumer organisations, including cooperatives, should not be excluded.
Nevertheless, the disadvantages exist too.
Nevertheless, allow me to make some criticisms.
Nevertheless, we must not oversimplify matters.
Nevertheless, many problems still persist.
I would like to say that it is nevertheless true that certain kinds of markets and opportunities are opening up here for development cooperation organisations.
I nevertheless wish to emphasise that barely two years ago many of these proposals still appeared to be inaccessible and beyond reach but today form a solid and coherent whole.