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“outlook” in British English

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uk /ˈaʊt.lʊk/ us /ˈaʊt.lʊk/

outlook noun (FUTURE SITUATION)

C1 [ S ] the likely future situation:

The outlook for the economy is bleak.
The outlook for today is cloudy and dry at first with showers later.

More examples

  • The political outlook is still uncertain.
  • The economic outlook is bleak.
  • The overall oil price outlook is expected to remain bearish.
  • The outlook for the region is very gloomy.
  • Tomorrow's outlook is for rain in the morning, clearing up in the afternoon.

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“outlook” in American English

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outlooknoun [ C usually sing ]

us /ˈɑʊtˌlʊk/

outlook noun [ C usually sing ] (FUTURE SITUATION)

the likely future situation:

The economic outlook is good.

outlook noun [ C usually sing ] (ATTITUDE)

a person’s general attitude or way of thinking about something:

He has a positive outlook on life.

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“outlook” in Business English

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outlooknoun [ S ]

uk /ˈaʊtlʊk/ us

the way a particular situation is expected to develop in the future, for example, whether it will get better or worse:

If the inflationary outlook continues to get worse, the central bank will not hesitate to act.
the long-term/short-term/medium-term outlook
a gloomy/uncertain/positive outlook
the outlook for sth Economic growth has slowed considerably as and soaring energy prices continue to cloud the outlook for the world economy.
the outlook is/remains bleak/bright/uncertain, etc. This year's economic outlook remains uncertain.

the attitude of a person or organization in relation to a particular situation:

sb's/sth's outlook on sth Canadian investors are gauging the Fed's outlook on rates as an early indication of whether the Bank of Canada can drop its key rate again.

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