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outsideadjective, adverb, preposition

uk /ˌaʊtˈsaɪd/ /ˈaʊt.saɪd/ us /ˌaʊtˈsaɪd/ /ˈaʊt.saɪd/

A1 not inside a building:

It was a sunny day outside.
Since it's such a nice day, let's eat/sit/go outside.
an outside light/toilet

C1 [ before noun ] coming from another place or organization:

The company has called in outside experts.
outside call/line

a phone call or connection going outside the place where you are

[ before noun ] the most that would be accepted or possible:

The outside limit/figure would be $350.

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outsideadverb, preposition

uk /ˌaʊtˈsaɪd/ us /ˌaʊtˈsaɪd/

A2 not in a particular building or room, but near it:

She sat for two hours on the floor outside his room.

A2 not in a particular place:

Nobody outside this room must ever know what we have discussed.

not within or part of something:

I'm afraid that would be outside my job description.
outside of mainly US

except for:

Outside of us three, no one knows anything about the problem, yet.

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outsidenoun [ C usually singular ]

uk /ˌaʊtˈsaɪd/ /ˈaʊt.saɪd/ us /ˌaʊtˈsaɪd/ /ˈaʊt.saɪd/

outsideadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈaʊt.saɪd/ us /ˈaʊt.saɪd/

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“outside” in American English

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outsidenoun [ U ]

us /ˈɑʊtˈsɑɪd, ˈɑʊtˌsɑɪd/

outside noun [ U ] (OUTER PART)

the outer part of something, or the area or side that faces out or can be seen:

She stood in the snow on the outside, watching him.

outsidepreposition, adjective, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /ˌɑʊtˈsɑɪd, ˈɑʊtˌsɑɪd/

outside preposition, adjective, adverb [ not gradable ] (NOT PART OF SOMETHING)

not within or part of something:

I live just outside (of) Baltimore.
Cars, movies, and radio linked small towns to the outside world.
outside of

Outside of means other than or except for:

There are few cities outside of Boston, New York, and Chicago where baseball fans get this excited.


us /ˌɑʊtˈsɑɪd, ˈɑʊtˌsɑɪd/

outside adjective (SLIGHT)

slight, small, or unlikely:

There’s an outside chance that Boston will make it to the playoffs.

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