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uk /pəˈtɪk.jə.lər/ us /pɚˈtɪk.jə.lɚ/

particular adjective (SPECIAL)

B2 [ before noun ] special, or this and not any other:

She wanted a particular type of cactus.
He wouldn't take just any book - he had to have this particular one!
"Why did you ask?" "Oh, no particular reason, just making conversation."
in particular

B1 especially:

What in particular did you like about the last apartment that we saw?
Are you looking for anything in particular?

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uk /pəˈtɪk.jə.lər/ us /pɚˈtɪk.jə.lɚ/
particulars [ plural ]

details or information about a person or an event, especially when officially recorded:

There's a form for you to note down all your particulars.
the particular formal

If you are considering the particular, you are considering single examples rather than general matters or ideas:

The report focuses on the particular rather than the general and so doesn't draw any overall conclusions.

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us /pərˈtɪk·jə·lər, pəˈtɪk-/

particular adjective (SPECIAL)

special or single, or this and not any other:

Is there a particular restaurant you’d like to eat at?
What in particular (= special things) did you like about the last apartment that we saw?

particular adjective (CAREFUL)

wanting to make choices carefully because you are not easily satisfied:

She’s very particular about what she eats.

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Secondly, the proposed reduction in the ceiling under heading 1a for the year 2002 does not prejudice the measures in any particular production sector either.
The fact is, over the years, more and more additives have been used in foodstuffs, in connection, in particular, with the industrialisation of food production.
Our interventions must be thorough and exceptionally effective, in particular in cases where violence against women is committed by international organised crime, as in the case of people trafficking.
In other words, it is not an amendment of a conservative or any other origin, nor of any particular geographical origin.
I hope that come the autumn we will be ready to report on what particular actions we are going to take.
There have been a large number of amendments, including the one tabled by myself, attempting to defend the production sector and the tobacco-growing sector in particular.
I fully accept that there are challenges which need to be addressed such as problems with congestion, in particular air traffic control.
What the report calls 'stereotyping' may be just a quick way to link a product to a particular group of consumers.
Nevertheless, certain questions remain unresolved, in particular the fundamental matter of enforcement: the guarantee that the companies which use safe harbours will fulfil their undertakings.
Let me emphasise two things in particular.

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