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pathnoun [ C ]

uk /pɑːθ/ us /pæθ/

path noun [ C ] (TRACK)

A2 a route or track between one place and another, or the direction in which something is moving:

a garden path
a concrete path
a well-trodden path
This is the path to the cliffs.
It will be several days before snowploughs clear a path (through) to the village.
They followed the path until they came to a gate.
A fierce fire is still raging through the forest, burning everything in its path (= as it moves forward).
The Weather Service issues warnings to people in the path of a hurricane (= in the area in which it is moving).
The charged particles move in spiral paths.
figurative His path through life was never easy.

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path noun [ C ] (ACTIONS)

B2 a set of actions, especially ones that lead to a goal or result:

The path to success is fraught with difficulties.

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pathnoun [ C ]

us /pæθ/

a way or track made by or for people walking on the ground, or a line along which something moves:

a bike path
The forest fire burned everything in its path.

A path is also a set of actions that lead to a result or goal:

Ashe pioneered the path of black tennis players to the top of the game.

physics The path of an electron is the space it travels in around the center of an atom.

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