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“pit” in British English

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pitnoun [ C ]

uk /pɪt/ us /pɪt/

pit noun [ C ] (PLACE/AREA)

C2 a large hole in the ground, or a slightly low area in any surface:

They'd dug a shallow pit and left the bodies in it.
These pits in my skin are from when I had chickenpox.
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a coal mine or an area of land from which a natural substance is taken by digging:

The coal-mining industry wants new pits to be opened.
a gravel/chalk pit

slang a very untidy or dirty place:

I'm afraid my room is a complete pit!
the pit [ S ]

in a theatre, the seats at the lowest level, or the orchestra pit

the pits [ plural ]

informal something that is of extremely low quality:

The hotel we stayed in was the pits!

(in motor racing) the area next to the track where the cars are given fuel or repaired during a race

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  • The unions fought hard against the government's programme of pit closures.
  • The plumber climbed down the inspection pit.
  • They had to dig a six-foot deep pit to sink the sewage pipes.
  • Can you tidy up that pit of a bedroom of yours!
  • They dumped his dismembered body in a pit.

pitverb [ T ]

uk /pɪt/ us /pɪt/ -tt-

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“pit” in American English

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pitnoun [ C ]

us /pɪt/

pit noun [ C ] (HOLE)

a large hole in the ground, or a hollow in any surface:

The trash had been buried in a six-foot-deep pit.
a fire pit

A pit is also the area in the front of a theater where the musicians perform.

The pit of your stomach

The pit of your stomach is the center of your body, where you feel esp. fear and anxiety:

I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach before the performance.

pit noun [ C ] (SEED)

a large, hard seed that grows inside some types of fruit and vegetables:

pit noun [ C ] (REPAIR AREA)

an area on the side of a track on which cars race, where the cars are given fuel or repaired during a race


also pit mine a hole from which natural substances, such as rocks and minerals, are dug; mine


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“pit” in Business English

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pitnoun [ C ]

uk /pɪt/ us

STOCK MARKET the area of a stock exchange used for trading:

Many traditional pits have moved their business to electronic trading systems.

NATURAL RESOURCES a deep area underground from which a natural resource is taken by digging:

a coal/clay/gravel pit

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