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poundnoun [ C ]

uk /paʊnd/ us /paʊnd/

pound noun [ C ] (MONEY)

A2 symbol £ the standard unit of money used in the UK and some other countries:

a one-pound/two-pound coin
There are one hundred pence in a pound.
They stole jewellery valued at £50,000 (= 50,000 pounds).
"Do you have any change?" "Sorry, I only have a five-pound note.
the pound symbol £

the value of the UK pound, used in comparing the values of different types of money from around the world:

The devaluation of the pound will make British goods more competitive abroad.
On the foreign exchanges the pound rose two cents against the dollar to $1.52.

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pound noun [ C ] (WEIGHT)

B2 written abbreviation lb a unit for measuring weight:

One pound is approximately equal to 454 grams.
One kilogram is roughly the same as 2.2 lbs.
There are 16 ounces in one pound.
Ann's baby weighed eight and a half pounds at birth.

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poundverb [ I or T ]

uk /paʊnd/ us /paʊnd/

B2 to hit or beat repeatedly with a lot of force, or to crush something by hitting it repeatedly:

I could feel my heart pounding as I went on stage to collect the prize.
Nearly 50 people are still missing after the storm pounded the coast.
The city was pounded to rubble during the war.
He pounded on the door demanding to be let in.
She was pounding away on her typewriter until four in the morning.

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poundnoun [ C ]

us /pɑʊnd/

pound noun [ C ] (WEIGHT)

abbreviation lb., symbol # a unit of measurement of weight equal to 0.453 kilogram

pound noun [ C ] (PLACE)

a place where pets that are lost or not wanted are kept:

We got this mutt at the pound.

pound noun [ C ] (MONEY)

symbol £ the standard unit of money in the United Kingdom and some other countries

poundverb [ I/T ]

us /pɑʊnd/

pound verb [ I/T ] (HIT)

to hit repeatedly with force, or to crush by hitting repeatedly:

[ T ] The speaker pounded his fists on the table.
[ I ] Waves were pounding at the rocks.

If your heart pounds, it beats very strongly:

[ I ] My heart was still pounding after we nearly crashed on the Interstate.

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poundnoun [ C ]

uk /paʊnd/ us MONEY

written abbreviation £ MONEY the standard unit of currency in the UK and some other countries:

The group has assets of about 120 million pounds.
The company has lost hundreds of thousands of pounds of investors' money.
a ten-pound note

written abbreviation lb MEASURES a unit for measuring weight, equal to 16 ounces or 0.454 of a kilogram:

September copper rose 0.85 cents to 135.30 cents a pound.

the poundnoun [ S ]

uk us written abbreviation £

MONEY, ECONOMICS the value of the currency used in Britain compared with the value of the curriencies used in other countries:

the strength/value of the pound
The dollar gained more than a cent against the pound.
in the pound

for each British pound counted:

The Chancellor wanted to cut the starting rate of income tax to 10p in the pound.

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