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“prescription” in British English

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uk /prɪˈskrɪp.ʃən/ us /prɪˈskrɪp.ʃən/

prescription noun (MEDICINE)

B1 [ C ] a piece of paper on which a doctor writes the details of the medicine or drugs that someone needs:

a doctor's prescription
a prescription for sedatives
The doctor should give you a repeat prescription (= another piece of paper allowing more of the same medicine to be given, often without the person seeing the doctor again).
These drugs are only available on prescription (= with a prescription from a doctor).
Prescription charges (= the standard amount of money you pay for any medicine prescribed by a doctor) are rising in June.

More examples

  • improper prescription of medicines
  • I was given the wrong tablets when the chemist misread my prescription.
  • I got a prescription for some stronger painkillers.
  • I must take that prescription to the chemist.
  • When I bought my new glasses, they threw in a free pair of prescription sunglasses.

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“prescription” in American English

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prescriptionnoun [ C ]

us /prɪˈskrɪp·ʃən/

prescription noun [ C ] (MEDICINE)

a doctor’s written direction for the medicine that someone needs and how it is to be used, or the medicine itself:

The doctor gave me prescriptions for antibiotics and cough syrup.
The drugstore called to say your prescription is ready to be picked up.

prescription noun [ C ] (RULES)

rules or a situation that will have a particular effect:

The company’s reorganization could be a prescription for disaster.

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“prescription” in Business English

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prescriptionnoun [ C ]

uk /prɪˈskrɪpʃən/ us

a doctor's written instruction for the medicine that someone needs and for how it should be used:

These drugs are only available on prescription.
The doctor wrote him a prescription for two tablets, 100 mg each for a total of 200 mg a day.

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