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probationnoun [ U ]

uk /prəˈbeɪ.ʃən/ us /proʊˈbeɪ.ʃən/

a period of time when a criminal must behave well and not commit any more crimes in order to avoid being sent to prison:

He was fined and given two years' probation.
The judge put him on probation for two years.
He served a year in prison and was then let out on probation.

a period of time at the start of a new job when you are watched and tested to see if you are suitable for the job:

a period of probation

US a period of time during which a student who has not performed well must continue to have a particular grade point average in order to stay in school:

Gene's on probation this semester.
adjective uk /prəˈbeɪ.ʃən.ər.i/ us /proʊˈbeɪ.ʃə

a probationary period

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“probation” in American English

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probationnoun [ U ]

us /proʊˈbeɪ·ʃən/

a period during which a person’s behavior or performance on a job or in a school is watched closely to see whether the person does well enough to stay:

I’m on probation this semester, so I’ve really got to study hard.

Probation for criminals is the condition of being allowed freedom if they commit no more crimes and follow certain rules.

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“probation” in Business English

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probationnoun [ U ]

uk /prəʊˈbeɪʃən/ us

HR the period during which a new employee is watched closely to see if they are suitable for their job:

Many organizations operate a three-month probation period before making a position permanent.

WORKPLACE the period during which a company, an employee, etc. is given a chance to improve their work or actions:

place/put sb on probation He was put on probation and disciplined for lying about his expenses.

LAW a situation in which a criminal is allowed to stay out of prison if they do not commit any more crimes and follow particular rules:

get/be given/receive probation He pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and was given probation.

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