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uk /prəˈfaʊnd/ us /prəˈfaʊnd/

profound adjective (EXTREME)

C2 felt or experienced very strongly or in an extreme way:

His mother's death when he was aged six had a very profound effect on him.
The invention of the contraceptive pill brought about profound changes in the lives of women.
Those two lines of poetry express perfectly the profound sadness of loss.
My grandfather has a profound mistrust of anything new or foreign.
There was a note of profound irritation in his voice.

profound adjective (SHOWING UNDERSTANDING)

C2 showing a clear and deep understanding of serious matters:

profound truths/wisdom
The review that I read said that it was "a thoughtful and profound film".
"Dying is easy - it's living that's the problem." "That was very profound of you, Steven."

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“profound” in American English

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us /prəˈfɑʊnd/

profound adjective (EXTREME)

felt or experienced strongly; extreme:

The speech had a profound influence on her.

profound adjective (SHOWING UNDERSTANDING)

showing a clear and deep understanding of serious matters:

You’re touching on a very profound question.

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We are still unable to grasp the full ramifications of this change; but we know that it is a very profound one.
Lower pay for women performing the same work and having the same qualifications and productivity is unfortunately caused by profound stereotypical perceptions on who should be the family breadwinner.
We are proposing a profound change.
We fully recognise the profound changes needed to bring about the type of society and economy which will prove to be environmentally sustainable.
The difficulties experienced by this sector in the past and, indeed, still today have had a profound effect on our entire regional policy.
I think that is of capital importance in a field such as this, which has profound philosophical implications and touches on everyone's most deeply-held beliefs.
Sexuality is an extraordinary form of human energy, which is beneficial, and which is wonderful when it is associated with affectivity - when there is a profound relationship between two people.
I would like to express my profound gratitude to all the rapporteurs, the chairmen of the committees responsible and committees asked for opinions, their secretariats and all the political groups.
Following the profound intensification of the financial crisis in the autumn of 2008, 2009 started with a continued synchronised freefall in economic activity worldwide.
The best political responses are the result of reflection, prudence and a profound knowledge of the issues; under no circumstances do they result from demagoguery.