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Definition of “program” - English Dictionary

Definition of "program" - American English Dictionary

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programnoun [C]

 us   /ˈproʊ·ɡræm, -ɡrəm/

program noun [C] (ACTIVITIES)

a ​group of ​activities or things to be ​achieved: a ​training program the ​universitybasketball program a ​pilotrecycling program

program noun [C] (BROADCAST)

a ​broadcast or ​series of ​broadcasts on ​television or ​radio: What’s ​yourfavorite program?

program noun [C] (COMPUTER)

a ​series of ​instructions that make a ​computerperform an ​operation: a word ​processing program

program noun [C] (THIN BOOK)

a ​thinbook or ​piece of ​paper giving ​information about a ​play or ​musical or ​sportsevent

programverb [T]

 us   /ˈproʊ·ɡræm, -ɡrəm/ (-mm-)

program verb [T] (COMPUTER)

to ​instruct a computerized ​device or ​system to ​operate in a ​particular way or at a ​particulartime: The CD ​player can be programmed to ​play the ​songs in any ​order.
adjective  us   /ˈproʊˌɡræm·ə·bəl/
a programmable ​thermostat
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Definition of "program" - British English Dictionary

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programnoun [C]

uk   /ˈprəʊ.ɡræm/  us   /ˈproʊ-/
A2 a ​series of ​instructions that can be put into a ​computer in ​order to make it ​perform an ​operation: a computer program She's written a program to ​find words that ​frequentlyoccur together.A2 US and Australian Englishspelling of programme noun
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programverb [T]

uk   /ˈprəʊ.ɡræm/  us   /ˈproʊ-/ (-mm-)
to write a ​series of ​instructions that make a ​computerperform a ​particularoperation: [+ to infinitive] She programmed the ​computer tocalculate the ​rate of ​exchange in twelve ​currencies.
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Definition of "program" - Business English Dictionary

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programnoun [C]

uk   us   /ˈprəʊɡræm/
(also computer program) IT a ​series of ​instructions put into a ​computer so that it does particular ​tasks: load/download a program The ​service will ​prompt you to ​download the appropriate program.install/uninstall a program When I ​try to ​install a program, I get an ​ a program The ​company is ​trying to ​develop a program that will ​predict terrorist ​ a program The ​commandallowscomputerusers to ​run a program with ​administratorrights.
US (UK programme) GOVERNMENT, MANAGEMENT an ​officiallyorganizedsystem of ​services, ​activities, or ​opportunities that ​helppeopleachieve something: a government/state program The ​governorproposed a ​state $500 million program to ​build new schools.a health insurance/product-development/construction program The ​taxfundshealthinsurance programs for the ​workingpoor. We had to end the bonus program for non-executive ​staff.a program to do sth A ​financialadvisoranalyzesclients' ​finances and prepares ​personalized programs to ​meetobjectives. build/​develop/​finance a program launch/​initiate a program
US (UK programme) a ​course of ​study, especially at a college or university: 20 ​years ago there were only two women in our program.Business/Nursing/Management program Ms. Boothe will ​enter the college's Business program next ​year.a Master's/graduate program The university has 40 different ​graduate programs.
US (UK programme) a ​plannedseries of ​relatedevents or ​activities: A program of ​meetings has been ​planned for October and November. organize/set up/​plan a program
US (UK programme) COMMUNICATIONS a ​television or radio show: On today's program, we'll have an ​interview with Bill Gates.

programverb [T]

uk   us   /ˈprəʊɡræm/ (programs, programming, programmed)
IT to write a ​series of ​instructions, using a ​computerlanguage, to ​create or ​run a ​computer program: program sth to do sth They programmed the ​computer to ​predict future discoveries.
(UK also programme) IT to use a ​piece of ​software to give ​instructions to a ​computer or ​piece of ​electronicequipment to make it ​perform one of a ​range of ​tasks: program sth to do sth You can use a Pocket PC or ​cellphone to program your DVR, grab ​MP3s you've already ​downloaded, and get ​stockquotes or ​weatherreports.
(Definition of program from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
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