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programmenoun [ C ]

UK US program uk /ˈprəʊ.ɡræm/ us /ˈproʊ.ɡræm/

programme noun [ C ] (BROADCAST)

A2 a broadcast on television or radio:

It's one of those arts programmes late at night.
It's my favourite TV programme - I never miss an episode.

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programme noun [ C ] (BOOK)

a thin book or piece of paper giving information about a play or musical or sports event, usually bought at the theatre or place where the event happens:

I looked in the programme to find out the actor's name.
He collected football programmes.

programme noun [ C ] (PLAN)

B2 a plan of activities to be done or things to be achieved:

The school offers an exciting and varied programme of social events.
The rail system is to put 20 million pounds into its modernization programme.
I'm running three mornings a week - it's all part of my fitness programme.

programmeverb [ T + obj + to infinitive ]

UK US program -mm- uk /ˈprəʊ.ɡræm/ us /ˈproʊ.ɡræm/

to tell a device or system to operate in a particular way or at a particular time:

I've programmed the heating to come on at 6.00.
be programmed to do sth

to always do or think a particular thing, although you do not try to:

I'm programmed to wake up at seven.

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“programme” in Business English

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programmenoun [ C ]

uk /ˈprəʊɡræm/ us UK US program

GOVERNMENT, MANAGEMENT an officially organized system of services, activities, or opportunities that help people achieve something:

There is no graduate training programme for new recruits.
a programme to do sth Housing Market Renewal is a programme to deal with low demand in housing areas.
build/develop/finance a programme
launch/carry out/initiate a programme

COMMUNICATIONS a broadcast on television or radio:

watch/see a programme Did you see that new programme last night?
a television/TV/radio programme There aren't too many TV programmes worth watching right now.
a news/reality/history programme We listened to a news programme on the BBC World Service.
broadcast/show a programme (about sth) They're always showing programmes about nasty people doing nasty things to each other.
a programme on sth We listened to a new programme on Radio 4.

a planned series of related events or activities:

A programme of meetings has been planned for October and November.
organize/set up/plan a programme

programmeverb [ T ]

uk /ˈprəʊɡræm/ us

to plan for activities to be done or things to be achieved:

be programmed for sth This project is programmed for completion in April.

to write a series of instructions, using a computer language, to create or run a computer program:

programme sth to do sth Computers have been programmed to unlock apartment doors or slow trains in the event of an earthquake.

IT to use a piece of software to give instructions to a computer or piece of electronic equipment to make it perform one of a range of tasks:

programme sth to do sth You can programme the DVD player to switch itself off.


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