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“progressive” in British English

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uk /prəˈɡres.ɪv/ us /prəˈɡres.ɪv/

progressive adjective (MODERN)

B2 Progressive ideas or systems are new and modern, encouraging change in society or in the way that things are done:

progressive ideas/attitudes
The left of the party is pressing for a more progressive social policy.
a progressive school

progressive adjective (GRAMMAR)

language The progressive form of a verb is used to show that the action is continuing. It is formed with the verb "be" followed by the present participle (= -ing form of the verb):

"He's working hard at the moment" is an example of the present progressive form of the verb "work".
"I was eating when the phone rang" is an example of the past progressive.

progressivenoun [ C ]

uk /prəˈɡres.ɪv/ us /prəˈɡres.ɪv/

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“progressive” in American English

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us /prəˈɡres·ɪv/

A progressive disease is one that gets increasingly worse.

Progressive ideas or systems encourage change in society or in the way things are done:

She worked for women’s rights, labor reforms, and other progressive causes.
adverb us /prəˈɡres·ɪv·li/

My eyesight has gotten progressively worse over the years.

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“progressive” in Business English

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uk /prəʊˈɡresɪv/ us /prəˈɡresɪv/

developing or happening gradually:

There's been a progressive decline in the standard of living over the last decade.
Lomax promised 'a progressive return to our underlying growth rate' of 20% a year.

MANAGEMENT, POLITICS used to describe ideas or systems that are new and modern, and that encourage change and development:

We're looking for progressive ideas to move the company forward.
progressive management practices
The company leadership has politically progressive views.

ECONOMICS, TAX used to describe an economic system in which more advantages, especially tax advantages, are given to people with less money than to people with more money:

The party says it will introduce a more progressive Budget.


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