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UK usually realise uk /ˈrɪə.laɪz/ us /ˈriː.ə.laɪz/

realize verb (BECOME AWARE)

B1 [ I or T ] to understand a situation, sometimes suddenly:

They didn't realize the danger they were in.
[ + (that) ] "Do you realize (that) this is the third time you've forgotten?" she said angrily.
[ + question word ] I realize how difficult it's going to be, but we must try.
As he watched the TV show, he suddenly realized (that) he'd seen it before.
"You're standing on my foot." "Sorry, I didn't realize."

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realize verb (ACHIEVE)

C1 [ T ] to achieve something you were hoping for:

Lots of money, a luxury house, a fast car - Danny had realized all his ambitions by the age of 25.
sb's worst fears are realized [ T ]

used for saying that something that someone was worrying about really happened:

Ten years later her worst fears were realized.

realize verb (MONEY)

specialized finance & economics to be sold for a particular amount of money:

The paintings are expected to realize $500,000 each.
realize assets

to sell property in order to get some money:

He had to realize all his assets to pay off his debts.

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“realize” in American English

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realizeverb [ T ]

us /ˈri·əˌlɑɪz/

realize verb [ T ] (BECOME AWARE)

to become aware of or understand a situation:

He realized the store would be closing in a few minutes.
[ + (that) clause ] Suddenly I realized (that) I was lost.

realize verb [ T ] (ACHIEVE)

to achieve things you hope for or plan for:

They finally realized their goal of buying a summer home.

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“realize” in Business English

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realizeverb [ T ]

also UK realise uk /ˈrɪəlaɪz/ us
realize a gain/profit/loss

FINANCE to make or lose money when you sell something:

They're trading on an extremely short-term basis and will sell once they can realize a profit.
Following liquidation of the portfolio, the County realized a loss of approximately $600 million of its investment in the County Pools.

FINANCE to make money or a profit from doing something:

In the past 12 months, the firm has realized a double-digit increase in sales and return on capital.
realize assets

FINANCE to sell assets for cash:

They have three years to realise their assets and pay back as much of the debt as possible.

to achieve something you planned to do or hoped for:

To realize their full financial potential, firms need to retain the talent and know-how that made them successful in the first place.

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