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“reduction” in English

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uk /rɪˈdʌk.ʃən/ us /rɪˈdʌk.ʃən/

B2 [ C or U ] the act of making something, or of something becoming, smaller in size, amount, degree, importance, etc.:

a reduction in traffic
huge price reductions

[ C ] a copy of a photograph, picture, etc. that is smaller than the original one

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“reduction” in Business English

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uk /rɪˈdʌkʃən/ us

[ C or U ] the process of making something less in price, size, amount, etc., or the fact of it becoming less:

a reduction in sth The cutbacks have required a 10% reduction in staff numbers.
Policyholders will be preparing themselves for further reductions in bonuses on maturing policies.
a dramatic/significant/substantial reduction I was warned of a significant reduction in the projected payout.
a gradual/slight/steady reduction
debt/deficit/spending reduction The emphasis is on long-term debt reduction.
rate/tariff/tax reduction Banks have announced mortgage rate reductions to bolster the housing market.
poverty reduction
emissions/greenhouse gas reductions
cost reduction programs/targets

[ C ] COMMERCE an amount by which the price of something is reduced:

to get/make a reduction on sth I got a reduction on the skirt because there was a button missing.
big/massive reductions Stores are offering big reductions this weekend.

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