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uk /ˈreɡ.jə.lər/ us /ˈreɡ.jə.lɚ/

regular adjective (OFTEN)

B1 happening or doing something often:

Professional athletes make regular appearances on TV.

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regular adjective (EVEN)

B2 existing or happening repeatedly in a fixed pattern, with equal or similar amounts of space or time between one and the next; even:

Her heartbeat was regular.
The gardeners planted the trees at regular intervals.
I suggest that we have regular meetings/meet on a regular basis.

Someone who is regular empties their bowels often enough, and a woman who is regular always has her period at approximately the same time:

The doctor asked if I was regular/if my bowel movements were regular.

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regular adjective (USUAL)

A2 mainly US usual or ordinary:

Her regular secretary was off sick for a week.
I couldn't see my regular dentist.
You can use low-fat or regular cream cheese.
Do you want large fries or regular fries with that?

B1 specialized language A regular verb, noun, or adjective follows the usual rules in the structure of its various forms:

"Talk" is a regular verb but "be" is not.
a regular guy US

a normal man who is liked and trusted

regular army, soldier, etc.

an army that exists all the time, or a soldier in such an army

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noun [ U ] uk /ˌreɡ.jəˈlær.ə.ti/ us /ˌreɡ.jəˈler.ə.t̬i/

The same familiar faces reappear in the law courts with depressing regularity.

regularnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈreɡ.jə.lər/ us /ˈreɡ.jə.lɚ/

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“regular” in American English

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us /ˈreɡ·jə·lər/

regular adjective (REPEATED)

happening repeatedly in a fixed pattern, with equal or similar amounts of space or time between one and the next:

a regular heartbeat
working regular hours
Trees were planted at regular intervals along the avenue.

regular adjective (USUAL)

usual or ordinary; normal:

He drove his regular route to work.
Her regular assistant is on vacation.

Regular also means of an average or standard size:

That minivan is longer than a regular station wagon.

The regular army is the permanently organized army of a country.

grammar A regular verb, noun, adjective, or other type of word follows the usual rules in the language for changing word endings.

If you describe a man as a regular guy, you mean that he is an ordinary, likable person:

He wanted to prove he was a regular guy by going fishing.

regular adjective (OFTEN)

doing the same thing or going to the same place often:

a regular contributor to the magazine
a regular customer

regular adjective (EQUAL)

shaped equally on all sides:

Her teeth are small and regular.

regularnoun [ C ]

us /ˈreɡ·jə·lər/

regular noun [ C ] (FREQUENT PERSON)

someone who goes to the same place or does the same thing often:

He’s one of the regulars at the club.

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“regular” in Business English

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uk /ˈreɡjələr/ us

happening at the same time each day, week, month, etc. and usually fairly often:

All staff make regular payments to the pension fund.
I need a job with a regular income.
I would like a job with more regular hours.
Discussions about the direction of the company take place on a regular basis.

[ before noun ] COMMERCE used to describe someone who often uses something or buys something from the same organization:

We have a special offer for our regular customers.
The service has over 70,000 regular users.

[ before noun ] HR used to describe someone who is employed permanently by a company, etc.:

Temporary workers do not get the same benefits as regular employees.

[ before noun ] HR used to describe work that is permanent:

She has had plenty of jobs but never been in regular employment.
He gave up his regular job to play in a rock band.

COMMERCE ordinary or typical in size or quality:

Do you want a small, regular, or large coffee?
Try substituting soy milk for regular milk.
The price of regular gasoline has risen steeply.

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uk /ˈreɡjələr/ us informal

COMMERCE a customer who goes to the same store, restaurant, etc. very often:

He's a regular at all the fashionable clubs.

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