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“ship” in British English

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shipnoun [ C ]

uk /ʃɪp/ us /ʃɪp/

A2 a large boat for travelling on water, especially across the sea:

a sailing ship
a merchant/naval ship
They boarded (= went on to) a ship that was sailing (= leaving) the next day.

More examples

  • The crane lifted the container off the ship.
  • We spent two months aboard ship .
  • The ship sank slowly to the depths of the ocean.
  • Hundreds of people turned up to see the ship dock at Southampton.
  • The ship was flying the Spanish flag.

shipverb [ T usually + adv/prep ]

uk /ʃɪp/ us /ʃɪp/ -pp-

to send something, usually a large object or a large quantity of objects or people, to a place far away:

We ship books out to New York every month.

More examples

  • Her books and clothes were packed into chests and shipped across to Canada.
  • Millions of live animals are shipped around the world each year.
  • The goods are then shipped across the Atlantic.
  • Products like this are routinely shipped to the four corners of the earth.
  • It's cheaper to ship goods than it is to fly them.

Phrasal verb(s)


uk / -ʃɪp/ us / -ʃɪp/

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“ship” in American English

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shipnoun [ C ]

us /ʃɪp/

a boat, esp. one that is large enough to travel on the sea:

a cruise/cargo ship

A ship is also an aircraft or spacecraft.

shipverb [ T ]

us /ʃɪp/ -pp-

to transport something or someone by air, train, boat, or truck:

They shipped our furniture from Tennessee.
Parts for the space station are being shipped out there by spacecraft.

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“ship” in Business English

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uk /ʃɪp/ us

[ T ] TRANSPORT, COMMERCE to send or transport something by sea:

ship sth to sb/sth The vessel was used to ship gold bullion to America.

[ I or T ] TRANSPORT, COMMERCE to send goods by air, train, or road, or to be sent in this way:

ship sth to sb/sth The company will ship purchases to any address within the US.
I asked the suppliers to ship us a replacement as soon as possible.
We don't currently ship outside the EU.
They assured me our order will be shipping tomorrow.

[ I or T ] COMMERCE, IT to make something, especially computer products and equipment, available for sale, or to become available:

The company is now shipping the first in a new series of interactive DVDs.
This software has been shipping for a while now.

shipnoun [ C ]

uk /ʃɪp/ us TRANSPORT

a large boat used for transporting goods or people by sea:

There were several ships waiting in the dock for their cargo to be unloaded.
abandon/jump ship

to leave an organization very suddenly, especially when you think it is going to fail:

The CEO abandoned ship just before the auditors were called in.

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