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uk /ʃɪt/ us /ʃɪt/

[ U ] offensive the solid waste that is released from the bowels of a person or animal:

There's so much dog shit on the pavement.
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[ S ] offensive the act of releasing solid waste from the bowels:

to have a shit.
the shits [ plural ] offensive

diarrhoea (= a medical condition in which the contents of the bowels are passed out of the body too often):

Something I ate has given me the shits.

[ U ] offensive nonsense, or something of low quality:

She talks a load of shit.

[ C ] offensive an unpleasant person who behaves badly:

The man's a complete shit.

[ U ] offensive insults, criticism, or unkind or unfair treatment:

Kyle gets a lot of shit from his parents about the way he dresses.
Jackie doesn't take (any) shit from anyone (= does not allow anyone to treat her badly).

[ U ] US offensive used in negatives to mean "anything":

He doesn't know shit about what's going on.


uk /ʃɪt/ us /ʃɪt/ present participle shitting, past tense and past participle shit, shat or shitted offensive


Phrasal verb(s)


uk /ʃɪt/ us /ʃɪt/ offensive

used to express anger or surprise:

Oh shit, we're going to be late!
Shit - the damn thing's broken!

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