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shopnoun [ C ]

uk /ʃɒp/ us /ʃɑːp/

shop noun [ C ] (PLACE TO BUY THINGS)

A1 UK US usually store a place where you can buy goods or services:

a barber's/betting shop
I need to go to the shops - I've got no food in the house.

UK the act of shopping, especially of shopping for food and other things needed in the house:

I usually do the weekly shop on a Monday.
be in the shops UK US be in stores

to be available to buy:

His latest novel will be in the shops by Christmas.

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uk /ʃɒp/ us /ʃɑːp/ -pp-

shop verb (BUY THINGS)

B1 [ I ] to buy things in shops:

I like to shop at Gap for clothes.
If I'm just shopping for food, I tend to go to the local supermarket.

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shop verb (OFFER FOR SALE)

[ T ] to offer something for sale, especially to several different companies in the hope that one of them will buy it:

Your script gets shopped to literary agents and movie studios.

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“shop” in American English

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shopverb [ I ]

us /ʃɑp/ -pp-

shop verb [ I ] (BUY THINGS)

to look for and buy (things):

We shop in malls because they’re convenient.

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shopnoun [ C ]

us /ʃɑp/

shop noun [ C ] (WORK AREA)

a place where a particular type of thing is made or repaired:

I work in a machine shop making wire.

shop noun [ C ] (PLACE TO BUY THINGS)

a place where you can buy goods or services; store:

a gift shop
a barber shop
a coffee shop

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“shop” in Business English

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shopnoun [ C ]

uk /ʃɒp/ us

UK COMMERCE a place where people go to buy things:

Our village shop sells mostly food and magazines.
For more great bargains, visit our online shop!
a book/clothes/shoe shop

COMMERCE, PRODUCTION a place where particular things are made or repaired:

All our delivery bicycles are regularly checked in the repair shop.
be in the shops UK

COMMERCE be available for people to buy:

Her new designs will be in the shops in the spring.
mind the shop UK

to manage or look after a business when its usual owner or manager is not there:

While their fellow employees are getting time off, they are left to mind the shop.
set up shop informal

to start doing business somewhere:

Several European retailers have set up shop in the US.
Setting up shop on the web is an increasingly attractive option for young entrepreneurs.
talk shop disapproving

to talk about things relating to your work when you are in a social situation, especially in a way that is not interesting to other people:

I hate these dinners where everyone talks shop the whole time.


uk /ʃɒp/ us -pp- COMMERCE

[ I ] to buy things, especially from stores:

The new shopping mall is designed for people who love to shop.
shop for sth She's always shopping for bargains.
We usually shop at the local supermarket.
shop with sb/sth Only shop with companies that offer a full after-sales service.
Most people go shopping at the weekend.

[ T ] US informal if you shop a company, you try to make people interested in buying it:

Management is shopping the company.

Phrasal verb(s)

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