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“siphon” in American English

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siphonnoun [ C ]

also syphon us /ˈsɑɪ·fən/

a bent tube for moving liquid from a higher container to a lower container, using gravity to keep the liquid flowing through the tube

siphonverb [ T always + adv/prep ]

also syphon, us /ˈsɑɪ·fən/ us /ˈsɑɪ·fən/

to remove liquid from a container using a siphon:

Somebody siphoned the gas out of our car last night.

Phrasal verb(s)

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“siphon” in Business English

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siphonverb [ T ]

also syphon uk /ˈsaɪfən/ us

to take money, especially dishonestly, and use it for a purpose for which it was not intended:

siphon off funds/millions/money
siphon sth from sth He siphoned €600,000 from company accounts to pay for his secret lifestyle.
siphon sth away Millions of dollars of city funds were siphoned away in the form of fake property tax refunds.

NATURAL RESOURCES to remove a liquid from one place and put it in another using a pipe or tube:

The government decided to scrap its plan to siphon water from the North-East of the country to the parched South.

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