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slingverb [ T usually + adv/prep ]

uk /slɪŋ/ us /slɪŋ/ slung, slung

sling verb [ T usually + adv/prep ] (THROW)

informal to throw or drop something carelessly:

Don't just sling your bag on the floor!
If any of the letters aren't interesting just sling them in the bin.
I'll just sling together a few things (= put what I need to take with me in a bag) and I'll be ready to go.

mainly UK informal to throw or give something to someone:

[ + two objects ] Sling me a pen, will you?


Phrasal verb(s)

slingnoun [ C ]

uk /slɪŋ/ us /slɪŋ/

a device that uses a strap, piece of cloth, or ropes for supporting, lifting, or carrying objects:

The cylinder was lifted from the seabed in a sling.

a device for supporting a broken or damaged arm in which the arm is held in front of the body in a piece of cloth that is tied around the neck:

I had my arm in a sling for six weeks.

a device like a bag for carrying a baby, tied to the front or the back of an adult's body

a simple weapon used mainly in the past in which a strap held at the ends was used for throwing stones

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“sling” in American English

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slingverb [ T always + adv/prep ]

us /slɪŋ/ past tense and past participle slung /slʌŋ/

sling verb [ T always + adv/prep ] (THROW)

to throw or drop something quickly and not very carefully:

She came in and slung her coat over a chair.

slingnoun [ C ]

us /slɪŋ/

sling noun [ C ] (SUPPORTING DEVICE)

a device used to support, lift, or carry objects, often by ropes or straps:

The helicopter lowered a sling to the boat and rescued the sailor.

medical A sling is a piece of material tied around the neck and providing support for a broken or damaged arm while it heals:

They put his arm in a sling.

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