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“somewhere” in British English

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uk /ˈsʌm.weər/ us /ˈsʌm.wer/

somewhere adverb (PLACE)

A2 US also someplace in or at a place having a position that is not stated or not known:

He was last heard of living somewhere on the south coast of France.
You must have put their letter somewhere!
[ + to infinitive ] I'm looking for somewhere to eat/stay.
Can we go somewhere else to talk - it's very noisy here.
Wouldn't you like to go to Disneyland or somewhere (= or to a similar place)?
Note: Somewhere is not usually used in negatives and questions.

More examples

  • Have you found somewhere to stay?
  • I keep on thinking I've seen her before somewhere.
  • My top priority is to find somewhere to live.
  • He was here a moment ago but he's wandered off somewhere.
  • They're holidaying somewhere in the Caribbean.

somewhere adverb (APPROXIMATELY)

somewhere around, between, etc.

More examples

  • It should take somewhere between six and seven hours to get there.
  • She earns somewhere between three and four hundred thousand a year.
  • Their profits last year were somewhere around ten million pounds.
  • We're hoping to get somewhere in the region of two hundred thousand for our house.
  • They estimate that the temperature yesterday was somewhere in the region of -30°C.

B2 approximately; about:

Somewhere between 900 and 1,100 minor crimes are reported in this city every week.
It will take us somewhere between three and four hours to get back.
The company's annual turnover is somewhere around $70.7 million.

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“somewhere” in American English

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somewhereadverb [ not gradable ]

us /ˈsʌm·hwer, -weər/

somewhere adverb [ not gradable ] (PLACE)

in, to, or at a place which is not known or not stated:

I want to live somewhere else.
Can we go somewhere and talk?
Note: "Anywhere" is usually used instead of "somewhere" in negative sentences and questions.

somewhere adverb [ not gradable ] (APPROXIMATELY)

(used esp. before a number) approximately; about:

CDs cost somewhere around $15 apiece.

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