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uk /stʌf/ us /stʌf/

stuff noun (THING(S))

B1 [ U ] informal a substance, especially when you do not know or say exactly what it is:

There's sticky stuff all over the chair.
What's this black stuff?
He drinks gallons of tea - he loves the stuff.

[ U ] informal things that someone says or does, when you are referring to them in a general way without saying exactly what they are:

All that stuff she has been saying about Lee is just not true.
We did some really interesting stuff today.
I have to go now - I've got stuff to do.
I've read all her books - I really like her stuff.

[ U ] informal someone's possessions or things that they take somewhere with them:

We'll have to carry all our camping stuff.
Do you want help bringing your stuff in from the van?
We can't move to a smaller place - we've got too much stuff.
and stuff

used to refer to more things of a similar kind to ones you have mentioned, when you do not say exactly what they are:

This is the drawer where I keep paper and envelopes and stuff.
The classrooms all have computers and interactive whiteboards and stuff.
I was embarrassed because he wanted to talk about love and stuff.

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uk /stʌf/ us /stʌf/

stuff verb (FILL)

[ T ] to completely fill a container with something:

Stuff the pillow and then sew up the final seam.
Under her bed, they found a bag stuffed with money.

C2 [ T ] informal to push something into a small space, often quickly or in a careless way:

This suitcase is absolutely full - I can't stuff another thing into it.

[ T ] to fill the body of a dead animal with special material so that it looks as if it is still alive

[ T ] mainly UK offensive (of a man) to have sex with a woman

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“stuff” in American English

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stuffnoun [ U ]

us /stʌf/

stuff noun [ U ] (SUBSTANCE)

a substance or material:

What’s the black stuff on the rug?
This stuff tastes good.

stuff noun [ U ] (THINGS)

a group of different things, activities, or matters:

We helped him move his stuff to the new apartment.
I’ve got a lot of stuff to do this weekend.
They’d heard all this stuff before.

stuffverb [ T ]

us /stʌf/

stuff verb [ T ] (FILL)

to fill the inside of something:

I can’t stuff another thing into this suitcase.

To stuff a turkey, or other meat or vegetable, is to fill it with other food before cooking it.

If you stuff yourself, you eat a large amount of food:

The kids stuffed themselves with snacks.

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