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uk /θred/ us /θred/

thread noun (FIBRE)

C2 [ C or U ] (a length of) a very thin fibre:

needle and thread
loose threads

[ C ] a long, thin line of something such as light or smoke:

A thin thread of light made its way through the curtains.

thread noun (CONNECTION)

C2 [ C ] The thread of a book, discussion, speech, etc. is its story or the way that it develops, one part connecting with another:

One of the main threads of the film is the development of the relationship between the boy and his uncle.
The sound distracted me and I lost the thread of (= forgot) what I was saying.

C2 [ C ] a connected group of pieces of writing on the internet, where people are talking about a particular subject:

I was so glad to find this thread, and to know that lots of people have the same problem as me!

thread noun (SCREW)

[ C ] a continuous raised line, such as the one that goes around the outside of a screw or bolt or the inside of a hole

threadverb [ T ]

uk /θred/ us /θred/

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us /θred/

thread noun (FIBER)

[ C/U ] a very thin twisted string of esp. cotton or silk, used mostly for sewing:

[ U ] It takes practice to use a needle and thread well.
[ C ] There’s a loose thread on your dress.

[ C/U ] A thread is also something continuous that connects different ideas or thoughts together:

[ U ] A ringing phone interrupted the thread of her story.

thread noun (TWISTING CUT)

[ C ] a continuous cut that twists around the outside of a screw or around an opening, as on a pipe:

The threads are worn, and I can’t tighten the screw.

threadverb [ T ]

us /θred/

thread verb [ T ] (USE FIBER)

to put thread through the hole in a needle, or to put something narrow through a small opening:

to thread a needle
He threaded a thin strip of tape through the machine.
fig. She threaded her way through the crowd (= moved along a narrow path to go around people in her way).

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