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uk /tɒs/ us /tɑːs/

toss verb (THROW)

C2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to throw something carelessly:

He glanced at the letter and then tossed it into the bin.
The bull tossed him up into the air.
[ + two objects ] Andrew tossed him the ball.

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toss verb (FOOD)

[ T ] When you toss food you shake or mix small pieces of it together with a sauce or dressing:

a tossed salad
carrots tossed in butter
toss a pancake UK

to quickly and suddenly lift the pan in which a pancake (= a thin, flat, round cake) is cooking so that the pancake goes up into the air and turns over before falling back into the pan

toss verb (MOVE)

[ T ] If you toss your hair or a part of your body you move it up and back suddenly:

She tossed her head in annoyance.
She tossed back her hair.
toss and turn C2 [ I ]

to move about from side to side or turn a lot in bed, especially because you cannot sleep:

I was tossing and turning all night.


uk /tɒs/ us /tɑːs/

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“toss” in American English

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tossverb [ T ]

us /tɔs/

to throw gently or easily:

He tossed his dirty clothes on the floor.
Matthew tossed the ball to his brother.

When you toss food, you gently mix small pieces of it together or with a sauce:

I tossed the salad.

If you toss your hair or your head, you move it suddenly:

The girl tossed her hair out of her eyes.
toss a coin

If you toss a coin, you choose between two possibilities by throwing a coin into the air and letting each side represent one of the possibilities, then accepting the possibility represented by the side that lands facing up:

We tossed to see who would go first.

tossnoun [ C ]

us /tɔs/

a sudden, quick movement or throw:

"I don’t care," she replied with a toss of her head.

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