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us /tɔrd, toʊrd, twɔrd, twoʊrd/ also towards, /tɔrdz, toʊrdz, twɔrdz, twoʊrdz/

toward preposition (MOVEMENT)

in the direction of; closer to:

She stood up and walked toward him.
The hurricane is heading toward Florida.

toward preposition (RELATION)

in relation to:

Their attitudes toward politicians have changed.

toward preposition (POSITION)

near to; just before or around:

Our seats were toward the back of the theater.
Harry’s book will be published toward the end of the year.

toward preposition (PURPOSE)

for the purpose of (buying or achieving something):

I’m saving up to buy a car, and Dad gave me some money toward it.
Government should be working toward a cleaner environment.
How much does this exam count toward our final grade?

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