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“variance” in English

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uk /ˈveə.ri.əns/ us /ˈver.i.əns/

[ C or U ] formal the fact that two or more things are different, or the amount or number by which they are different:

There has been some unusual variance in temperature this month.
I could detect subtle variances in fragrance as we strolled through the garden.

[ C ] US specialized law official permission to do something that is not normally allowed:

We had to get a (zoning) variance before we could build the extension on our house.
be at variance (with sb/sth)

to be in disagreement with someone or something, or to be different from him, her, or it:

Young people's reactions to world events are often at variance with those of their parents.
Her public and private personas are at variance.

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“variance” in American English

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variancenoun [ C ]

us /ˈveər·i·əns, ˈvær-/

permission to do something differently from the official or usual way:

He requested a variance to build an addition to his house.


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“variance” in Business English

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uk /ˈveəriəns/ us

[ C or U ] a difference between two or more or things:

We found a wide variance in the size, shape, and design of digital projectors.
The government fears that too much variance in the treatment of Scottish and English students could cause political strain.

[ C ] ACCOUNTING the difference between the costs, sales, etc. expected during a particular period, and the final costs, etc:

Weekly sales variances are more volatile and ultimately less meaningful.

[ C ] US LAW, PROPERTY a change in a law, especially one involving the use of property, that is allowed by a local government in particular situations:

apply for/request/seek a variance The power company has applied for a variance to the county rule on burying lines.
grant/deny a variance They filed a lawsuit against trustees after they were denied a variance to build a home on 17.82 acres.
He says he requested a zoning variance but that the county refused to process it.

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