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uk /vəˈraɪə.ti/ us /vəˈraɪə.t̬i/

variety noun (CHANGE)

B1 [ U ] the characteristic of often changing and being different:

When planning meals, you need to think about variety and taste as well as nutritional value.
Sexual reproduction serves to create genetic variety.
Work on the production line is monotonous and lacks variety.

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variety noun (TYPE)

[ C ] a different type of something:

The article was about the different varieties of Spanish spoken in South America.
This variety of rose is especially hardy and drought-resistant.
Our supermarket stocks apples in several different varieties.

A2 [ S ] many different types of things or people:

She does a variety of fitness activities.
The equipment could be used for a variety of educational purposes.
Manufacturers need large sales to justify offering a big variety in export markets.

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“variety” in American English

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us /vəˈrɑɪ·ɪ·t̬i/

variety noun (DIFFERENCE)

[ U ] the characteristic of frequently changing, or of including many different types or things:

The markets offer a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
You can get magazines there that have a little bit more variety.

variety noun (TYPE)

[ C ] a type, esp. one among a group of things that share general features and differ in some details:

Several different varieties of sparrows live around here.

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“variety” in Business English

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uk /vəˈraɪəti/ us plural varieties

[ C ] one particular type of a thing:

We need to create new varieties of drought-resistant coffee.
We select apple varieties with a longer shelf-life.

[ S ] many different types of similar things or people:

a variety of sth The company makes a variety of cameras.
They stock a wide variety of tools.

[ U ] the characteristic of often changing and being different:

Most people like a bit of variety in their work.

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The existing health promotion, health monitoring and cancer programmes have provided concrete support to a variety of initiatives on diet, nutrition, obesity and physical activity.
The summit has confirmed the need for further work on creating institutions and instruments for inspection and monitoring in a variety of areas of the global market.
Although a variety of factors may be responsible for accidents (speed, human error), the vehicle itself should be adapted to minimise impact during an accident.
I believe that we should highlight the variety of protective and useful functions provided by the forests and not take a one-sided approach.
We should bear in mind that many of the world's developed countries deploy a variety of instruments to support farming income at a level of over 50%.
In this respect we also need to have the humility to recognise that the global challenge of tackling climate change offers a variety of technological and political options.
The present twofold authorisation procedure fully meets the requirements of the internal market and guarantees a greater variety of medicinal products, and with lower charges.
I say this because it is important for the variety of opinion that exists in relation to farming to be on the record.
The hope is that, based on a number of operational centres and a variety of contributions, a debate will be promoted which has greater scope than ever before.
The feeding of omnivores with meat and bone meal will no doubt continue to be prohibited, at that for a variety of reasons.