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“wax” in British English

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uk /wæks/ us /wæks/


uk /wæks/ us /wæks/

wax verb (USE WAX)

[ T ] to put a thin layer of wax on the surface of something, either to make it waterproof or to improve its appearance:

I've waxed the floor so it's rather slippery.

[ T ] to remove hair from someone's body by covering it in a thin layer of warm wax that is then pulled off:

She had her legs waxed.
adjective uk /wækst/ us /wækst/

a waxed jacket
waxed cotton thread


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“wax” in American English

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waxnoun [ U ]

us /wæks/

wax noun [ U ] (SUBSTANCE)

a solid, fatty substance that softens and melts at a low temperature:

Candle wax dripped on the tablecloth.


us /wæks/

wax verb (APPEAR LARGER)

[ I ] (of the moon) to gradually appear larger and increasingly round:

fig. Such controversies have waxed and waned (= become stronger and weaker) but continue to this day.

wax verb (BECOME)

[ L ] fml to become:

Brad waxed eloquent on the subject of free enterprise.

wax verb (USE SUBSTANCE)

[ T ] to put a thin layer of wax on the surface of something:

I just waxed the floor, so don’t go in there yet.

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