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uk /wiːk/ us /wiːk/

weak adjective (NOT STRONG)

B1 not physically strong:

It's not surprising you feel weak if you haven't eaten properly for days.
The electromagnetic field strength becomes weaker as you move further away from high voltage cables.

not strong in character, so that you are not able to make decisions or to persuade or lead other people:

He was a weak king surrounded by corrupt advisers.

A weak argument or excuse is one that is not likely to be accepted or believed:

Any evidence that exists to support the hypothesis is fairly weak.
He gave the weakest of excuses when asked why he was late.

B2 A weak drink contains a lot of water compared to its other contents, so that it does not have a strong flavour:

I can't stand weak coffee.

specialized chemistry A weak acid, alkali, or chemical base does not produce many ions (= atoms with an electrical charge) when it is dissolved in water.

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weak adjective (CHIN)

usually disapproving A weak chin is small and does not stick out from the face.

adverb uk /ˈwiː us /ˈwiː

"Please, get me some water," he said weakly.

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“weak” in American English

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weakadjective [ -er/-est only ]

us /wik/

weak adjective [ -er/-est only ] (NOT STRONG)

lacking strength or energy, or likely to stop working or break:

After having been so sick, it’s not surprising you still feel weak.
That old chair is very weak and needs gluing.

A drink that is weak lacks flavor:

The coffee was weak and tasteless.

A weak link is the part of something that is most likely to break:

This year, the team’s only weak link is that third baseman.

weak adjective [ -er/-est only ] (BELOW STANDARD)

below standard; not good enough:

He was always weak in languages but strong in science.

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“weak” in Business English

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uk /wiːk/ us

ECONOMICS, FINANCE too low or not powerful enough to be successful or effective:

weak growth/market share/results There was unexpectedly weak growth in corporate output in May.
weak performance/position Investors are already hesitant to commit because of the company's weak performance.
weak demand/spending Consumer spending has been weak.
continue/remain weak Investment banks continued weak after low trading volumes in the past few weeks.

STOCK MARKET, FINANCE if a market, currency, investment, etc. is weak, it is falling or at a low level and unlikely to rise:

weak currency/dollar/euro The weak dollar is a huge help to the profitability of the companies.
Swiss shares ended a quiet session lower as weak bonds weighed on the market.

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