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uk /ˈweð.ər/ us /ˈweð.ɚ/

B1 (used especially in reporting questions and expressing doubts) if, or not:

I wasn't sure whether you'd like it.
She asked me whether I was interested in working for her.
I'm wondering whether to have the fish or the beef.
I doubt whether it'll work.
I was merely questioning whether we have the money to fund such a project.
It all depends on whether or not she has the time.
Anyway, it's a good story, whether or not it's true.

B1 (used to introduce two or more possibilities) it is not important if:

I'm going, whether she likes it or not.
Someone has to tell her, whether it's you or me.
Let's face it - you're going to be late whether you go by bus or train.

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us /ˈhweð·ər, ˈweð-/

(used to refer to one or more possibilities or to express uncertainty) if:

I didn’t know whether he was too busy or (whether) he just didn’t want to see me.
I wasn’t sure whether (or not) you’d like it.


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We are criticising ourselves by saying that the situation is as it is thanks to a certain amount of determination, whether we like that determination or not.
We shall have to look at whether this heading will have to be renamed and whether we shall have to divide it up into different sub-headings, et cetera.
The question is whether this is enough.
There was a lot of discussion as to whether or not cultural institutions, universities, research institutions, etc, should be excluded under this directive.
We would do well to ask ourselves whether these models are, today, really capable of protecting society's most vulnerable, society's 'outsiders'.
The second point concerns the question as to whether it will be possible to develop insurance schemes in the future for animal diseases.
We do not want a ban; a woman must be able to decide for herself in good faith whether she wants breast implants or not.
Whether or not they were on top of the world plays no part whatsoever in this song, but it does in this report.
We quarrelled particularly with the oil industry about whether there was a need to lower sulphur levels in petrol and diesel fuel.
The debate at the time was about whether intervention should take place immediately, after one or two weeks or after six weeks.

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