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withinpreposition, adverb

uk /wɪˈðɪn/ us /wɪˈðɪn/

B1 inside or not further than an area or period of time:

Two thirds of Californians live within 15 miles of the coast.
In 1992 cross-border controls within the EU were dismantled.
For orders within the UK, please enclose £2.50 for post and packing.
The resort lies within easy reach of (= not far from) the ski slopes.
We recommend that this wine should be consumed within six months.
Within hours of the tragedy happening, an emergency rescue team had been assembled.
The tickets should reach you within the week (= before the end of this week).
He's very highly regarded within his profession.
She managed to complete her last film well within budget.
The target was now within range and so she took aim and fired.
He could sense that his goal was within reach (= it could be reached).
The cathedral spire was now within sight (= it could be seen).
I was acting within the law (= legally).
We came within five points of beating them (= we would have beaten them if we had had five more points).

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“within” in American English

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withinpreposition, adverb [ not gradable ]

us /wɪθˈɪn, wɪð-/

inside or not beyond (a particular area, limit, or period of time):

Most Californians live within 20 miles of the coast.
The tickets should reach you within a week.
The company has always acted within the law (= legally).

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