Definition of "how" in Essential British English Dictionary


adverb uk /haʊ/

A1 used to ask about quantity, size, or age:

How big is the house?
How old are they?
How much (= what price) was that dress?
how are you?

A1 used to ask someone if they are well and happy:

‘How are you, Ellie?’ ‘Oh, not so bad, thanks.’

A2 used to ask about the way something happens or is done:

How did he die?
How do you keep the house so clean?
how about..?

A2 used to make a suggestion:

How about going to the cinema?
how do you do?

A2 a polite thing to say to someone you are meeting for the first time

B1 used to ask about what an experience or event was like:

How was your flight?

B1 used for emphasis:

How nice to see you!
I was amazed at how quickly she finished.

(Definition of “how” from the Cambridge Essential Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)