Definition of “every” - Learner’s Dictionary


determiner us uk /ˈevri/
Extra Examples
You need to seize every opportunity.There was ice cream of every imaginable flavour.I jog through the park every morning.We see her practically every day.She promised to write to me every week.

A1 each one of a group of people or things:

He knows the name of every child in the school.
Every one of the paintings was a fake.

A1 used to show that something is repeated regularly:

He goes to Spain every summer.
Take the antibiotics every four hours.

B2 as much as is possible:

I'd like to wish you every success in your new job.
Every effort is being made to solve the problem.
every now and then/every so often

sometimes, but not often:

We still meet up every now and then.
one in every five/ten, etc

used to show how many people or things in a group are affected by or involved in something

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